China News Service, Beijing, June 12 (Guo Chaokai, Marshuasha) China National Space Administration held a press conference in Beijing on the 12th to introduce China's first Mars exploration mission.

China National Space Administration spokesperson Xu Hongliang said at the meeting that in order to ensure the safety of the Mars rover satellites in orbit, China is currently cooperating with the United States National Space Administration (NASA) and ESA to exchange orbit data for the Mars rover.

  Xu Hongliang introduced that during the Tianwen-1 Mars exploration mission, four space agencies including the China National Space Administration and ESA, the French National Space Center, the Argentine Space Activities Committee, and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency adopted load carrying, measurement and control support, etc. Extensive cooperation has been carried out. At the same time, China is also maintaining communication with France, Austria, Russia and other relevant agencies on the application of the Tianwen-1 Mars exploration data.

  "At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of the Mars rover satellites in orbit, we are currently working with NASA and ESA to carry out the Mars rover orbital data exchange cooperation." Xu Hongliang said that the development of international cooperation in the field of lunar and deep space exploration is International practice. Therefore, in planning the next step of development, whether it is the fourth phase of the lunar exploration project or the asteroid exploration, including the international lunar research station, China adheres to an open attitude and follows the principle of extensive consultation, joint construction and sharing with international counterparts. Carry out extensive cooperation.