• Death after vaccine.

    Camilla suffered from an autoimmune disease and was taking dual hormone therapy

  • Camilla died, the eighteen year old from Sestri Levante suffering from thrombosis after being vaccinated


12 June 2021 The Nas carabinieri yesterday notified ASL 4 an order to exhibit and seize the anamnestic certificate completed by Camilla Canepa, the eighteen year old from Sestri Levante (Genoa) who died after the administration of the Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) vaccine before receiving the dose .

The document, which is being seized in the ASL4 offices, will be delivered to the investigators on Monday. 

According to what has been learned, the prosecutor wants to verify whether the hereditary thrombocytopenia mentioned in the documents already in the possession of the investigators or the intake of hormonal-based drugs was reported in the document.