As the end of the House of Representatives approaches next week, the Liberal Democratic Party's chairman of the political investigation, Shimomura, said, "It's a permanent battlefield because I don't know what the situation will be." He expressed his intention to hurry to prepare for the House of Representatives election.

As the end of the Diet session approaches the 16th next week, the opposition party will have to continue discussions on measures against the new coronavirus, and if it does not respond to the ruling party requesting an extension of the session for three months, it will vote no confidence in the Cabinet. It shows that he is willing to submit a proposal.

Regarding this, Mr. Shimomura, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's political affairs investigation, gave a lecture in Nagano City, saying, "In the previous party leader debate, Prime Minister Suga said that the response to the new coronavirus is the highest priority, so I think that it will be considered as an extension of that, but politics. The world is a little dark. I don't know when and what the situation will be, and it's a permanent battlefield. "

On top of that, "The Secretary-General Nikai says that if the opposition party issues a motion of no confidence in the Cabinet, it can be dealt with by" immediate dissolution / general election. " This is until October, and I would like to ask you on the premise that it is not so far ahead. "