Bruno Garcia-Cruciani has been appearing since Thursday before the Bastia Assize Court for the murder of his ex-partner, Julie Douib, in March 2019 in Ile-Rousse.

On Friday afternoon during his interrogation, he maintained that he did not go to her home with the aim of killing her.

At first, Bruno Garcia did not want to explain himself. Then he still unrolled the same version as during the investigation. Judged since Thursday for the assassination of Julie Douib in March 2019 in Ile-Rousse, he described Friday before the Bastia Assize Court the moments preceding the death of his ex-companion. He denies having gone to his ex-partner's home in order to kill her.

"Julie Douib opened me, I had the weapon on me, I entered, she stepped back when she saw the weapon", he recalls, adding to have then evoked with her his relations with her. new friend.

"She went into the bedroom, my silencer fell off, she asked me 'What is this?', She grabbed the barrel of my gun, it fired, that's after I saw the blood, for me I had not touched it. I followed it, everything happened very quickly ", he continues.

"I didn't come up for that, I wanted to discuss"

That day he shot three times.

At least two bullets hit Julie, including one fatally in the chest.

"Why are you following her on the balcony?" Asks the president.

"I don't know, panic," replies the accused.

“Why don't you leave after the first shot in the room. Why didn't you call the emergency services?” She asks again.

And still gets the same answer from the accused: "I don't know."

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"You did not come up to kill her?", Asks the lawyer general in turn. "No, I didn't come up for that. I wanted to discuss," replied Bruno Garcia. "You remained three minutes in the apartment and you tell us that you discussed. Julie is sitting on the ground and you threaten her with a weapon", replaces the magistrate, mimicking the gesture of the arm. "Do you believe that a fair discussion about child custody is possible under these conditions?" The accused dodges. "We weren't just talking about that. We were also talking about Sébastien

(Julie's new friend, nldr)

, he was the reason for our arguments." 

The President resumed the floor. "But you had been separated for five months, Mr. Garcia. When you fired did you think of anything other than yourself?" Bruno Garcia Crucciani responds in a whisper that he has thought of his children. The magistrate chokes: "You tell us that when you shot the mother of your children, it was your children that you thought of?" The accused kicks in and repeats: "Everything happened very quickly."