• In Toulouse, the Rio Loco festival is back on Sunday for an extended edition.

  • You will have to dance and eat while seated and especially not to forget your health pass.

  • 20 Minutes

    takes stock of the reception conditions for festival-goers.

  • For many fans, it will be the first festival of the summer and quite simply the first concerts of the year.

    The Rio Loco festival returns to the Filters meadow in Toulouse from Sunday.

    But at the rate of health constraints.

    So to raise the concert fever of the old world, it will take a lot more than enthusiasm, sunscreen and good sneakers.

    Here's what else to plan to earn the right to sway in your chair.

    Compulsory health pass

    With a gauge even limited to 2,800 festival-goers per evening, it is no surprise that the national health pass rules will apply.

    Beyond their entry ticket, if possible dematerialized, those over 11 must therefore present either a negative PCR or antigen test (carried out in a pharmacy, not at home) of less than 48 hours, or a vaccination pass " complete ”with a second injection received for more than two weeks.

    Give yourself hourly margin

    Health pass checks will be added to traditional ticketing and security checks. Virginie Choquart, Director of Music at the Capitol advises to "provide an hour of sidelines". The site does not open until 5 p.m., but you should not hesitate to queue from 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., especially since it is also necessary to count the time for the mediators to show you your seat, on chairs or bleachers, and to make sure to separate groups that do not know each other. The earlier you arrive, the more you will enjoy, because there will be no exceptions: the curtain will fall at 10 p.m. sharp, so that everyone can come home for the 11 p.m. curfew.

    🎤 Reserve your tickets for @Rio_Loco Afrika!

    The #festival will be held from June 13 to 20, 2021, with an adapted health protocol

    🎟️ Programming and ticketing 👉🏾 https://t.co/Iwyu6Pow0w pic.twitter.com/Q9aV905yCE

    - Toulouse City Hall (@Toulouse) May 29, 2021

    Yes, we can drink beers and snack

    For the stunned who lose their mask between the toilets and their chair, the organization has provided a small emergency stock.

    "We will do everything to be as helpful as possible and make life easier for festival-goers," says the manager.

    And for those who are wondering, anxious, if we will be able to have a drink between two songs, the answer is yes: there will be refreshments and food-trucks in the village area.

    With chairs and tables to eat on the spot.

    You can also take your goblet and sandwich, provided you eat while sitting

    Finally, in the event of a tile, a last-minute positive test for example, the tickets will be refunded.

    And all that remains is to watch the concerts streaming on the Rio Loco Facebook page.


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