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In “Le Pacte”, written by Emily Chain and Anaël Verdier, four friends promise to do everything to make their dream come true.

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Here are the episodes of the week of June 9 for those who missed them ...

Episode 1 - To Life!

As every year, they gathered on the lawn of the park of their adolescence, to celebrate Etienne's birthday.

From high school, five of them have gathered to celebrate the event - an unchanging rendezvous, always in the same place, at the same time.

Except that today, a glass of champagne is missing.

Étienne's death haunts each of their sentences.

He is not and will never be with them again… unless they put in place the famous pact.

It is Louise, showing off a piece of paper, who closes this heavy silence:

- Each one puts his hand on this contract and swears to honor the memory of Etienne by promising to start, from now, a life without regret.

- To live each moment as if it were the last, continues Assane very seriously.

- To choose our dreams before reason, adds Samia in a breath before releasing a few tears for Étienne.

The three friends are waiting for a reaction from Antoine, which does not come.

He was not very motivated by the idea of ​​changing his habits to honor the incredible philosophy of his late friend.

Until now, everyone lived their little daily life without worrying about the next day.

But it's time for that to change.

Louise reminds him:

- Antoine!

He finally let go, with a sigh:

- To support us in the success of our projects.

Samia nods and all, with one voice, declare:

- I swear not to back down from my life and to live it as I have always dreamed of.

Episode 2 - “Hello, Mom”

“Mom, I'm getting married!

No, it's too direct.

Maybe: "Mom, I met someone".

Hmm… a little flat.

“Mom, my dear little mom.

You have told me all my life to believe in love… ”Pfff, hello natural!

Samia turns her cell phone in the palm of her hand.

Turn it back on.

Fix the "Mom" of his repertoire.

Watch the screen go dark.

His heartbeat plays the bassline of a piece of Icelandic metal.

How do you tell your mom you're gonna marry a guy you met two months ago, who you've been dating for three weeks?

How do you tell her mother, who waited three years before marrying her father, just to test the strength of her commitment?

There are actions that we cannot prepare for.

This is one of them.

Samia takes a deep breath.

The phone is ringing.

- Mom ?

I… - come on, burst the abscess!

- I… I am getting married.

- Sorry ?

- I'm getting married, articulates Samia.

Silence on the phone.

- I'll come and present it to you in two weeks.

His name is David.

In the earpiece, the distant breath of his mother.

- Mom it's all right ?

Her mother responds with a dry “yes” filled with disapproval.

Even three hundred kilometers away, Samia hears the question her mother does not ask.

She can see the countdown that separates them from the inevitable argument.

Always the same, the one that ends with a "why can you never be happy for me?"

Yelled by Samia.

3. 2. 1. His mother moistens her lips:

- You are pregnant ?

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