The giant An0m operation, led by the FBI and Europol, has revealed a serious criminal suspicion of a lawyer in Helsinki, according to IS.

A 33-year-old licensed litigation assistant in Helsinki has been arrested.

He is suspected of aiding and abetting a felony drug offense and involvement in organized crime.

In addition, the man is suspected of breaching his duty of confidentiality.

The suspected lawyer handles a lot of criminal litigation.

He heads a law firm founded a few years ago.

He is also in charge of several other companies.

Crimes are suspected to have occurred last and this year.

The man was arrested last Monday, when police in Finland struck at numerous An0m targets.

The Central Criminal Police said earlier this week that it has arrested about a hundred people in connection with the operation.

Among other things, a large number of people joining the vest gangs have been apprehended.

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