June 11, 2021 "I am absolutely honored, flattered, that an entire coalition, without any disagreement, through a healthy confrontation, has paid attention to me and Dr. Matone. I will do everything to repay this trust with success and efficiency".

This was stated by Enrico Michetti, the center-right candidate for mayor of Rome, speaking in Piazza di Pietra together with the leaders of the coalition at the press conference to present the candidates for mayor and deputy mayor of Rome for the center-right. 

"It is a great day, but I am awaiting the provision of the CSM because I must necessarily put myself on leave, so I cannot make statements of a political nature", said Simonetta Matone, candidate for deputy mayor of Rome. "Rome is not made up alone. of smelly garbage cans. I accepted the proposal because in life you have to know how to take risks and jump into it. I decided to put my professionalism and my spirit of service at the disposal of Roman citizens. I think I know in depth everything that is ignored in Rome for a long time, from the suburbs to the question of women victims of crime ", said Simonetta Matone, during the press conference. 

"It is a beautiful day for Rome and for Italy. We present the desire for change to restore pride, dignity and efficiency to Rome. It could not be a better Friday," said Lega leader Matteo Salvini, arriving at the press conference in Rome. presentation of the center-right candidates for mayor and deputy mayor of Rome.

"The center-right can only grow and improve. The mayor and pros-mayor ticket also covers both fans of the capital. One is with Roma and the other with Lazio: both the south and north curves are covered ..." , said the leader of the league. 

"I heard jeers say 'Michetti who?'. Can we compare your curriculum with that of the other candidates? Raggi lawyer at the Sammarco firm then city councilor then mayor. Gualtieri, party leader, European bureaucrat, and then minister of the economy of the Conte government. With Enrico Michetti assisted by a great woman like Simonetta Matone, we field two big shots ". So the president of FdI, Giorgia Meloni, during the press conference for the presentation of the Michetti-Matone ticket.

"We don't field a candidate, we field a mayor. Raggi was a good candidate, she was a woman, young, new and knew how to speak but she wasn't a good mayor. For years she said she was gaining experience, you can't do the internship as mayor of Rome. We instead want people who when they come to govern the capital know exactly where to put their hands. Rome cannot afford to waste any more time ", he concludes.

 "It is good to have a magistrate in the Campidoglio who enforces the rules, we do not want the underworld to get their hands on the city, we need watchful and attentive eyes", said Antonio Tajani speaking at the press conference in Rome.

"Rome must be a capital that can attract more and more tourists and can become the cultural leader of Europe. It's a question of political will. Let's think about the metro question. We need to provide Rome with efficient public transport. We cannot stop at whims. of fine arts, because if it is located in a Roman villa, the station becomes a museum that tourists can admire every day ", said Antonio Tajani.