Ten years ago, Cécile was drugged and raped by a man she met at a party.

He told her to be a physiotherapist and offered her a massage to get her back in shape.

Cécile confides to Olivier Delacroix that the trauma caused by this assault prevented her from continuing her profession as an actress.


While she was a beginner actress who arrived in Paris, Cécile met a supposed physiotherapist at a party. In fact, the latter offered massages to young women and raped them after having drugged them. Cécile was one of his victims. Having been drugged, she says she had no clear memories of her assault until the police called her after arresting her assailant who had claimed other victims. Ten years after the events, Cécile tells Olivier Delacroix about her aggression and her trauma.

Cécile evokes the system of manipulation set up by her attacker: "We are normal people. When we meet someone who is in a perverse system, we cannot imagine what strategy he will apply to make us sink into his system. . The facts happened at home. There is a whole manipulative system before. I met her through someone I had worked with and who had become a friend. She introduced me to Him When you meet someone who claims to be close to their friend, you feel confident. 

He came to my house. I think I made her some tea or herbal tea. I remember he was pounding some kind of medicine. He had a manipulative speech. He said, 'I just have to give you something. It's herbal medicine. They are plants. I'm going to get your bones out, you're going to be in great pain, but then you'll be healed '. I didn't know why he was pounding this. For me, it was not medicine, but herbal medicine. It just happened like that. It was the start of hell for me.

I remember taking a shower which lasted a very long time.

As I went along, I started to be in a strange state.

Afterwards, I lay down on the bed for the massage.

I do not remember anything.

My body was made of lead.

Everything was heavy and slow.

I was extremely tired.

I was living in the present moment, but I don't remember what happened.

If we don't remember, we have no doubts.

This is what is terrible.

I remember acts of penetration on his part, but I don't know exactly.

My subconscious and my body know everything that happened, but I don't. "


We can't be more of an object than that


Cécile did not have clear memories of the assault, but a few months later, she received a call from the police who had just arrested her attacker and sought to identify his victims: "The police told me that there has other victims and that he filmed. He filmed young women showering through the locks and he filmed the rapes. The police ask me to come to see if I recognize myself in the photos found. 40 young women in these photos Twice I think I recognize myself Because of the earrings I think I don't recognize myself.

He was the one who said he raped me.

He said he needed to straighten my bones, in this case the tailbone.

He confessed that he straightened my tailbone.

There aren't a thousand ways to do it.

He therefore confessed to his act of rape on his own.

We can't be more of an object than that.

The difficulty with all of this is that we don't know what happened.

We didn't even have the opportunity to defend ourselves.

Once the drug has been administered, it's over.

It is the departure for hell.

He does what he wants. 


The actress will become a ghost


Because of her assault, Cécile sank into depression. She says that she had to stop acting when she got a role in a play: "The aggression is there. It is present because it took a name. It is the trauma that emerges. It is there. There is the gaze of others. How to act on stage when you are watched? There is the proximity of actors who play seductive characters. It is completely incompatible. 

It was very cool.

It had to be accepted already.

I was in shock.

It's complicated to say, especially in a professional environment.

I could hardly see myself saying: 'I was raped six months ago and I don't remember'.

We don't want to go into details.

It's his private life.

They separated from me.

This was my last experience.

It was the last time I was in a theater.

The actress will become a ghost.

It was over. "

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Cécile remembers the behavior of her attacker during his trial: "He apparently regrets, but he recognizes nothing. I told the jurors that we were coming here to find out what had happened. If he regrets , then he tells us what happened. Otherwise, everything he is saying while whining to make believe that he regrets and to coax the jurors, it does not mean anything and it does not serve to nothing. This is false, it is a lie. 

He sees what's going on.

The victims are in pain.

There are victims who have spasmophilia, who are in crisis, who fail.

Because what we hear is beyond comprehension.

There are photos in which we see the sexes, we see him, we see objects, scarves, masks and it goes before the jurors.

They look at the photos.

Then he denies it.

It is said that young women were in a coma, between life and death.

We talked about necrophilia.

These are words that were said in the trial.

I am not making them up. 


We file a complaint, for ourselves, to be recognized, but also for others


The verdict: 18 years of criminal imprisonment with two-thirds incompressible.

It relieves.

18 years old is huge, but it is justified.

It is a recognition of justice.

We file a complaint, for ourselves, to be recognized, but also for others.

By speaking, we will perhaps prevent the worst for others.

If we prevent, even if only once, the worst for a person, it's already a battle won. 

I was in this idea and in the fight for my survival.

The reconstruction is done little by little.

It is not because there is a trial that we are reconstructed.

There are a lot of things that pile up.

Working with a shrink makes us rebuild.

The trial is important because it says, 'You are a victim who has suffered a criminal act that should not exist on Earth. "