At the helm, he "assumes", but swears to have nothing premeditated.

Judged since Thursday for the assassination of Julie Douib in March 2019 in Ile-Rousse in Corsica, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani denied on Friday having gone to the home of his ex-companion in order to kill her.

“I didn't go upstairs for that, (…) I take responsibility for what happened, I'll take the trouble for that.

But I did not go up on a Sunday morning with my children, at home, my family, my friends, for that, ”he declared from the Bastia box office, referring to the murder of the young woman, mother of his two sons.


Domestic violence: "I love you, etc."

live Friday with the father of Julie Douib, killed by her ex-companion


White Marches for Julie, 30th victim of femicide in 2019

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