Another of the little girls missing in Tenerife has been found dead, Spanish media reported.

Olivia, the older of the girls, 6-year-old Olivia, was found in Kassi, sunk into the seabed, tied to an anchor belonging to the children's father's boat.

The information has been confirmed to the local media by the Supreme Court of the Canary Islands and the local National Guard.

The body was found Thursday night at a depth of a thousand meters, less than five kilometers from the shore.

Another bag was found in the search, but it was empty.

Olivia's 1-year-old sister Anna is equally missing.

The children’s father, Tomas Gimeno, 37, is considered the main suspect in the case.

He, too, has been missing all along.

The search for Spanish girls began just over six weeks ago.

The previous turn in the investigation took place on Monday, when the sonar found objects belonging to the children's father on the seabed.

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The sad series of events began when Gimeno picked up his daughter from his ex-partner and disappeared on April 27th.

She had told the girls ’mother on the phone that she would no longer see the children and said she was going“ somewhere far away ”.

Dad seemed to be preparing for the disappearance.

Among other things, he had transferred large sums from one bank account to another and went to say goodbye to his own parents.

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The day after the disappearance, the boat of Gimeno, who was engaged in diving fishing, was found abandoned at sea, after which the search was targeted below the surface.

Last Monday, a bottle of compressed air and a sheet belonging to Gimeno were found on the sea floor.

The case has caused great concern in Spain.

Photo: Mercedes Menendez / Zuma / MVPhotos

The case of the disappearance of little Spanish girls has received a lot of attention all over the world and the children’s mother Beatriz Zimmermann has, among other things, set up an Instagram account to find her children.

El Pais and El Mundo, among others, took the lead.