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    Uefa requires Ukraine to change jersey: "Political slogan"


June 10, 2021The Football Federation of Ukraine "is in talks with Uefa to keep the slogan" 'Glory to our heroes' on its shirts, which has sparked protests from Russia.

This was said by the Ukrainian Football Association itself to AFP.

In the morning, Uefa forced the Ukrainian national team to change the shirt on the eve of the opening of the European football championship, claiming that this was a "message of a clear political nature".


'Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! '. It ends with the slogan that Uefa has ordered Ukraine to remove a Facebook post from the president of the Kyiv Football Association, Andrii Pavelko, from its European jerseys, who after receiving last night "a letter from UEFA regarding the new decisions on the uniform ", he explains that he" flew urgently this morning to Rome, where talks are underway with Uefa representatives ".

Pavelko points out that the slogan 'Glory to heroes!' it has long been a traditional greeting for our fans in all stadiums and matches in Ukraine. It is football and that is why it was approved by UEFA. The Ukrainian federation "has always respected international sporting principles and has followed the rules of the highest football authorities in their work", adds the president, promising updates "on the progress of the negotiations".