Every day, NU.nl provides an overview of the most recent figures about the development of the corona virus in the Netherlands.

These are the figures that are now (Thursday 10 June) known, combined in four charts.

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The number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals has fallen below 800 for the first time since the beginning of October, data from the National Coordination Center for Patients Distribution (LCPS) showed on Thursday.

There are currently 783 patients in hospitals, 51 fewer than Wednesday.

The number of corona patients in intensive care units (ICUs) fell by 7 to 297. The total number of corona patients in Dutch IC units is therefore below 300 for the first time since the beginning of October.

The number of people admitted to the nursing wards with corona complaints fell by 44 to 486.

Dutch corona patients in hospitals and on ICs

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Average number of positive tests remains below 2,000

RIVM reports 1,607 new positive corona tests on Thursday.

That number is smaller than the average over the past seven days (1,772).

This puts the average over the past seven days below 2,000 for the second day in a row.

Number of confirmed infections per day

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RIVM reports five new deaths

In the past 24 hours, RIVM received 5 reports about corona-related deaths.

These patients did not necessarily die within the past 24 hours;

there may be a delay between the date of death and the notification date.

So far, more than 17,000 inhabitants of the Netherlands have died from the consequences of the corona virus.

The infographic below shows the number of infections and the number of deaths per age group.

Blue stands for infections and red for deaths.

Deaths and infections by age category

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More than 11 million shots taken

About 11.1 million shots have been taken since the start of the vaccination campaign.

At the current vaccination rate, an average of 240 people get a shot every minute.

That is an average of more than 173,000 injections per day.

The caretaker cabinet hopes to administer nearly 1.5 million shots this week.

Since Thursday, people born in 1989 can make an appointment for a vaccination.

Number of vaccinations per week