The proposed amendment to the so-called Animals Act - with stricter rules regarding leashing dogs and keeping animals in cages - will in all likelihood have no consequences for keeping pets.

That writes

De Telegraaf on

Thursday on the basis of outgoing minister Carola Schouten (Agriculture).

Last week, commotion arose among pet and animal owners after a proposal from the Party for the Animals was adopted.

The party wants to put an end to animal-unfriendly stables and cages.

The amendment was intended to ensure that from 1 January 2023, domestic and livestock animals "no longer have to adapt to their housing".

Because the housing had to provide enough space for their natural animal behavior - such as enough bathing water for a duck and flying space for a parakeet - concerns were raised about the impact the law would have on pet owners.

In addition, the law could, for example, lead to dogs having to run free outside more often.

Schouten will investigate the exact impact, writes

De Telegraaf.

Some details about the Animals Act were still missing, and the minister acknowledges that it was left open whether the rules should also apply to pets.

According to the newspaper, Schouten is convinced that the House does not want companion animals to be affected by the law.

"I will include this in the analysis," said the minister.