The lines of the government seem to crack at regular intervals at any time on any subject.

Most recently over the past week, the Greens and the Left Alliance have drifted into the hair net with the center over a provincial tax related to social reform.

The Left Alliance and the Greens would like to fund post-sote reform services through a provincial tax, the center hesitates.

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It is not always easy to reconcile the preferences of five parties.

During the municipal elections, the disagreement is certainly also part of the need for the parties to stand out from the crowd, but a decent china was also achieved, for example, during the mid-midnight.

The controversy escalated into a government crisis.

Reconciling views is ultimately the task of the Prime Minister.

How does Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) intend to rally the government lines after the election?

- We will continue the work that we have agreed together.

We will follow and implement the government program, Marin said at Ilta-Sanomat's Election Grill on Thursday.

According to him, it can be seen from the reforms and issues already implemented by the government that work has been completed despite disagreements.

- Yes, it looks like work has been done and will be done.

Yes, I believe that when we focus on improving people's affairs, so does government work.

Personally, I try to focus on what’s ahead, and I don’t blink sideways, Marin stated.

A provincial tax has also been agreed between the government, Marin reminded.

- Of course, I assume that what is agreed between the governing parties will be adhered to.

A provincial tax has been agreed as part of the SOTE package, the prime minister said.

According to the government 's plan, legislation related to the provincial tax will be passed in the current election period and the tax will be introduced in 2026.

The Greens and the Left Alliance have stated that they do not intend to accept the SOTE reform if it does not include the already agreed provincial tax.

According to the center, the reform should be carried out in stages, and the provincial tax, if it is even desired to be included in the reform, would only be part of the second phase of the reform towards the end of the parliamentary term.

Annika Saarikko from the city center set two boundary conditions for the provincial tax: the total tax rate must not increase due to the new level of taxation, and income equalization must be made between regions and people.

On Tuesday, however, in the MTV News presidency exam, Saarikko did not raise his hand in a hand vote on whether to support the provincial tax as a basis for financing welfare areas.

Other governing parties raised their hands.

Marin responded to the stubbornness of the archipelago in an exam, stating that “government policy is not picking raisins from a bun”.

The IS Election Grill saw a more conciliatory prime minister.

He noted that the provincial tax and the major restructuring of the sote reform are progressing at different rates.

First, the restructuring and the financing model already before Parliament are discussed.

The second phase would then address the provincial tax and possible other functions for welfare areas.

Will we still see a big fight here?

- Well, I myself trust that the agreed things will be kept.

The archipelago has also said that this is being prepared as agreed, Marin said.

  • In the video, the Prime Minister sets out his views on the provincial tax dispute.