• CSM: Pm Storari for 4 hours questioned in the Prosecutor's Office in Brescia.

    The lawyer: "He clarified"

  • Csm, Storari to pm Rome: Amara interrogation reports delivered to Davigo in Milan

  • Csm, Spataro: "Abnormal behavior from Storari and Davigo"


June 10, 2021 They would have 'ignored' documents in favor of the suspects, then all acquitted, in the investigation into the trial for international corruption with at the center the alleged payment of bribes by Eni and Shell to obtain the license of the

Opl-245 oil


in Nigeria . In summary, this is the accusation of the Brescia prosecutor against the deputy prosecutor of Milan Fabio De Pasquale and the prosecutor Sergio Spadaro who must answer for article 328 of the criminal code, that is refusal and omission of official documents. From what is learned, the two magistrates would have been provided with documents in the investigation into the false plot-misdirection conducted by the prosecutor Paolo Storari and the adjunct Laura Pedio.

Papers that could have changed the position of some suspects. The Brescia prosecutor's office will therefore have to decide on the choice not to consider them significant, which will also have to evaluate the choice made by the prosecutors with respect to the video secretly recorded by the lawyer Piero Amara which would demonstrate - according to the judges of the seventh criminal section of Milan chaired by Marco Tremolada - the real intention of the great accuser of the Eni-Nigeria trial, namely Vincenzo Armanna.

In the reasons for the sentence of 17 March released yesterday, the judges write that "the choice of the public prosecutor not to deposit" the video (which has now been acquired by the Brescia Public Prosecutor's Office) is incomprehensible, with the risk of eliminating a data from the trial of "extreme relevance". For the court, the content "is in itself disruptive" because "it reveals that Armanna, fired by Eni a year earlier, had tried to blackmail the top management of the oil company by announcing the intention to turn to the Milanese prosecutors to bring in an avalanche of m ... 'to some top executives of the company ". On the video and documents relating to Storari's investigation, the word now belongs to the Brescia magistrates. 

From Armanna chat 'false' to pm Milan 

The Milan prosecutor Paolo Storari, questioned by the Brescia prosecutors on 19 May on the case of the Amara minutes and on the disagreements with the leaders of the office also on the management of the file on the 'false Eni conspiracy', would have informed the same leaders that the former Eni manager and defendant Vincenzo Armanna had produced 'modified' chats of his dialogues with a witness, which he would have paid for to the prosecutors of the Eni-Shell / Nigeria trial. In the process, however, the correct chats found on Armanna's phone would not have been filed. This is another aspect of the investigation by the Brescia prosecutor in which prosecutors De Pasquale and Spadaro are investigated.