Regarding the expansion of the target area for vaccination at the government's large-scale vaccination center nationwide, Minister of Defense Kishi said that it was not necessary to move for vaccination and that it would not be an urgent outing until the end of July. He expressed his intention to do everything in his power to achieve the completion of vaccination for the elderly.

The large-scale inoculation centers set up by the government in Tokyo and Osaka have a lot of vacancy for reservations for two weeks from June 14 to 27, so the Ministry of Defense does not limit the target area and is 65 years old. We have made it possible for older people to make reservations from anywhere in the country.

At a press conference, Defense Minister Kishi said that the measures were based on the government's policy of accelerating vaccination, and acknowledged that moving for vaccination was unnecessary and not an urgent outing. Shown.

"Although there is a movement of people by expanding the target area, we decided that we should expand the vaccination while taking proper measures to prevent infection," he said. He expressed his intention to do everything in his power to achieve the completion.

In addition, Minister Kishi indicated that he would consider adding people under the age of 64 to the vaccination, including those with underlying illnesses and those working in facilities for the elderly, while observing the status of future reservations.