China News Service, June 11, reported that US President Biden is making his first trip to Europe since he took office.

Biden hopes to use his first visit after taking office to assure European allies that the United States has got rid of its previous administration style and will become a reliable partner again.

On the 10th local time, Biden and British Prime Minister Johnson met, and the two sides discussed issues such as climate change and national security.

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Biden and Johnson meet for the first time

The topics of the talks involve Russia

  On the 10th local time, US President Biden on a trip to Europe met with British Prime Minister Johnson and reached an agreement on a new version of the Atlantic Charter, including leading the global recovery from the new crown epidemic and strengthening bilateral relations.

In addition, the two will also agree to open up travel between the two countries "as soon as possible."

  According to reports, Biden and Johnson agreed to sign a new agreement based on the 1941 Atlantic Charter.

The agreement will outline eight areas where the United States and the United Kingdom plan to cooperate.

  The new charter will emphasize that "although the world is very different from 1941, the common values ​​of Britain and the United States remain unchanged." These values ​​include "defending democracy, reaffirming the importance of collective security, and establishing a fair and sustainable global trading system." .

Data map: British Prime Minister Johnson.

  The charter will also work to address cyber threats and climate change, and end modern challenges such as the new crown pandemic.

  As part of the agreement, Biden and Johnson will also work to reopen travel between the United States and the United Kingdom as soon as possible.

They plan to set up a new travel working group to advise on the safe reopening of international travel.

  Johnson and Biden also stated in a joint statement issued after the meeting that they will be committed to strengthening NATO's forces and ensuring effective arms control.

  However, in fact there are some differences between the two.

Biden had firmly opposed the Brexit movement in Britain, and Johnson was an advocate of Brexit.

Biden also expressed high concerns about the future of Northern Ireland.

Biden also once said that Johnson "clone" Trump in "mental and emotional."

  On the other hand, the Russian satellite network reported that according to the announcement of the British Prime Minister's Office, Johnson and Biden talked about Russia during their meeting, but did not disclose more details.

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Biden "over-prepared" to meet with Putin

Discuss with Merkel about the disagreement on Beixi No. 2

  On the other hand, a highly anticipated part of this European trip-Biden's first meeting with Putin after taking office will be held in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16.

  When asked whether Biden had prepared for the meeting with Putin, the US President’s wife Jill Biden stated that Biden was “over-prepared” for the meeting with Russian President Putin.

  Before Biden and Putin met, former US President Trump asked Biden to convey his "most sincere regards" to Putin.

  The United States has previously stated that Biden will warn Putin during the meeting that if Russia continues to carry out cyber attacks on the United States, the United States will take action against Russia, but will not seek to conflict with Russia.

  In addition, the G7 summit will be held in Cornwall from June 11th to 13th.

US State Department spokesperson Price said on the 10th that Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet under the framework of the G7 summit, and the two sides will discuss differences regarding the Beixi 2 pipeline project.

  Price said that Biden will have the opportunity to meet with Merkel to discuss the close relationship between the United States and Germany.

"Any relationship will have differences. This is one of them."

  Price emphasized that the United States’ position on the North Stream 2 project has not changed, and Washington opposes the construction of the pipeline, believing that it threatens European energy security.

  Senior German government officials said earlier that Merkel's various meetings under the framework of the G7 summit are still in preparation, and the bilateral talks with Biden have not yet reached a final agreement.