Riad Al-Shuaibi, political advisor to the President of the Ennahda Movement and the Tunisian Parliament, Rached Ghannouchi, said that the Ministry of Interior had officially informed Ghannouchi of a serious threat to assassinate him, as he put it.

Al-Shuaibi added - in a post on his Facebook page - that officials in the ministry visited the parliament headquarters yesterday, Wednesday, to inform Ghannouchi of this threat.

Al-Shuaibi accused parties - he did not name - of plotting to assassinate Ghannouchi in order to impede the Tunisian experience and thwart its course, he said.

The director of Al-Jazeera office in Tunisia, Lotfi Hajji, stated that so far, no statement has been issued by the Ennahda Movement or the Presidency of the People's Assembly to reveal the circumstances of the matter.

Hajji indicated that it is not the first time that a political figure has been subjected to an assassination attempt or notification of an assassination attempt, as many political and union figures move under security protection, after the Ministry of Interior informed them that it had monitored intelligence calls showing that there was a threat or an assassination attempt.

Tunisia experienced difficult moments in 2013, when the leftist leader, head of the United Democratic Party, Chokri Belaid, was assassinated, and then 6 months later, the leader of the Popular Movement, Mohamed Brahmi;

This created an atmosphere of confusion and sharp political division in that period, before the country emerged from it with a national dialogue that relatively changed the existing political equations at the time.