• AstraZeneca, Cts evaluates new indication on use for under 50s

  • Australia, woman dies of thrombosis: vaccinated with Astrazeneca


June 10, 2021 "I frankly can't understand: why if AIFA clearly says not to use AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson to vaccinate young people, did they continue with vaccinations, as if nothing had happened? Why the regions, with the approval of the government, have organized Open Days with these vaccines, knowing that many young people would participate, who are rightly looking forward to gaining this freedom? ". The national secretary of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni writes on Facebook.

"I really would like this different approach to be explained - continues the exponent of the left opposition - between the Italian authority that deals with drug supervision and the regions / government. It is essential to understand this, because it is in silence and lack of clarity. that doubts and fears increase and that an anti-scientific culture is likely to lurk that causes so much damage to Italy. The senators of SI Elena Fattori and Paola Nugnes presented a parliamentary question to the government on the matter at Palazzo Madama. I hope - concludes Fratoianni - that they are listened to. Some regions are already retracing their steps. The government should do the same. "