Good evening,

Marie Lisa Kehler

Deputy head of the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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    the Frankfurt police do not come to rest.

    Again there are reports of a chat group in which inflammatory content was exchanged.

    This time it concerns the special task force (SEK).

    As the Frankfurt public prosecutor announced on Wednesday, 20 officials, one of whom is retired, are currently under investigation.

    The investigators found the officers because they had a 38-year-old SEK officer from the Frankfurt Police Headquarters on their radar.

    He was originally investigated for possession of child pornography.

    In the course of the investigation, his communication channels were evaluated.

    The investigators finally discovered the chats.

    According to the public prosecutor's office, most of the entries were made in 2016 and 2017. But messages were still sent in 2019, when right-wing extremist chats within the police were already an issue in the investigation of the NSU series of threatening letters NSU 2.0.

    "The criminal investigations were opened today to all the accused officials and at the same time the exercise of their duties was prohibited," said Hesse's Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) on Wednesday. Beuth finds clear words: "Where the allegations make it legally possible, we will also remove them from the Hessian police." Police President Gerhard Bereswill also promised on Wednesday that the most recent cases will be prosecuted with all determination. When police officers utter hateful content, the “cornerstone of democracy and the rule of law is affected”. He announced that he would like to restructure the entire SEK.

    Our colleague Katharina Iskandar comments on the developments. She points out: “The wrong reflex would now be to put the entire police under general suspicion again. Just like when the case of the 1st precinct came up, there are now many police officers who look at their own colleagues with uneasy feelings. Who ask: what has been overlooked? But they are also angry because they know that they have to take on the street what their colleagues have triggered. "

    Change of subject. Do you remember the discussion about gravel gardens? No? Could be because in the Rhine-Main area it has long since become a matter of course to have your own garden. The gravel gardens (there is a good deal of irony in the name alone. It has little to do with “garden”) are particularly easy to care for. Somehow also logical. Because instead of flowers there are only stones here. Insects have no way of finding food here, on hot days the stones heat up during the day and only cool down poorly at night. This can have an impact on the urban climate.

    The discussion about a possible ban on rock gardens was yesterday.

    In Frankfurt people think bigger.

    Or rather: higher.

    Because the planned V-Ampel alliance has stipulated in the new coalition agreement (which, by the way, will be decided this evening) that there should be mandatory specifications for the greening of the facades in the next high-rise master plan.

    The skyline should become greener.

    But how?

    Architects are puzzling over this.

    Because what sounds simple is complicated - and often expensive.

    There are already initial plans in Frankfurt.

    The “Eden Tower” is to be built in the Europaviertel, a 100-meter-high residential tower that is to be provided with vertical gardens.

    Rainer Schulze wrote down what criticism there is of the greening plans and what counter-proposals the architects are making to bring nature back into the city.

    Giving students a voice - that is Sabine Mittenhuber's mission. The choir director and music teacher at the Lessing-Gymnasium in Frankfurt has now been awarded the Schumann Prize. Earned. Because Mittenhuber has achieved what few thought possible in recent years. She made choral singing "cool" again. Most recently - before Corona - 500 of the total of 880 students at Lessing-Gymnasium sang in person to get a seat in one of the choirs that are on the stage at the popular festival concerts. Mittenhuber describes singing as "the most personal, individual expression". And, in her opinion, it is not at all a contradiction in terms that the choir is always about “listening to one another, breathing together and doing something great together”.Our author Guido Holze met the committed teacher who makes an entire school sing.

    And the FDP base also decides on the coalition agreement +++ the new edition of the Rhein-Main business magazine “Metropol” has been published +++ the referendum for a reconstruction of the theater in Frankfurt was rejected.

    Best wishes, 

    Your Marie Lisa Kehler 



    for Thursday:

    Mostly sunny with temperatures up to 27 degrees.


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    Thursday June 10th

    Jürgen Engel

    , Frankfurt architect (67);

    Siegfried Dietrich

    , sports director of women's football and general representative of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG (64);

    Kirsten Schoder-Steinmüller

    , President of the Offenbach Chamber of Commerce and Industry (59);

    Steffen Gramminger

    , Managing Director of the Hessian Hospital Society, Eschborn (58);

    Anette von Zitzewitz

    , chairwoman of the “Filmbildung Jetzt!” Committee at the German Film Institute and Film Museum, Frankfurt (57);

    Marc-Aurel Boersch

    , CEO of Nestlé Deutschland AG, Frankfurt (53);

    Sascha Raabe

    (SPD), outgoing member of the German Bundestag, Hanau (53);

    Oskar Schwarzer

    , athlete at TV Groß-Gerau, German champion over 800 meters in 2021 (22).