China News Service, June 10th. According to the CBS report, on the 8th local time, on the day of World Oceans Day, the National Geographic Society announced that the waters around Antarctica will be called the Southern Ocean and formally recognize the Southern Ocean as the world’s first ocean. Five oceans.

  The National Geographic Society stated that since the National Geographic Society began to draw maps in 1915, it has confirmed that there are four oceans in the world-the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.

Starting from June 8 on World Oceans Day, the Southern Ocean will be recognized as the fifth largest ocean in the world.

On December 2, 2020, local time, South Georgia, Antarctica, the world's largest iceberg A68a is drifting towards South Georgia.

Image source: Visual China

  The Southern Ocean is an important home for marine ecosystems and the focal point of the Southern Hemisphere.

It directly surrounds Antarctica, extending from the coastline of the continent to 60 degrees south latitude.

The borders of the oceans are connected to three of the four other oceans that exist on Earth-the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean.

  But the Southern Ocean is different from other oceans in that it is not determined by the surrounding land to a large extent, but because there is an ocean current inside, this water area is very unique.

  The National Geographic Society stated in its journal that this ocean current is estimated to be approximately 34 million years old, making the ecology of the Southern Ocean so unique and providing unique habitats for thousands of species.

  Earlier in 2021, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also recognized the Southern Ocean title, and the US Board on Geographic Names (US Board on Geographic Names) has also recognized the Southern Ocean since 1999.

However, the National Geographic Society stated in a statement on the 8th that scientists around the world have been trying to determine an official name for many years.

  The National Geographic Society of the United States stated that the Southern Ocean will receive the same treatment as the four oceans and will be included in the world ocean science books.