, June 10, according to Peru’s “Gazette” report, as of 17:22 pm on the 9th local time, Peru’s National Office of Electoral Procedures (ONPE) has completed the statistics of 99.821% of the votes. Currently, the Liberal Peru Party candidate Castillo got 50.192% of the votes, and the People's Force Party candidate Keiko Fujimori got 49.808%.

  ONPE called on the Peruvian people not to spread false news, and emphasized that the election and vote counting work organized by the agency is "safe, calm and reliable" and always uphold public opinion.

  On the other hand, the Peruvian Armed Forces call on citizens to respect the election results, unite, transcend differences, and work together for the goal of strengthening democracy and promoting national development.

  The statement issued by the Peruvian Ministry of National Defense reminds the public that, according to the Peruvian Constitution, the main purpose of the armed forces is to ensure the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic.

The armed forces absolutely obey the constitution and maintain the principle of neutrality in democratic elections. Any request that violates this principle is inappropriate for democratic countries. The armed forces respect citizens’ wishes expressed in voting.

  The Peruvian Ministry of Defense also reminded citizens that during the election period, the armed forces must guarantee the free exercise of the right to vote, protect election officials, and protect election materials.

Unless they have the highest authorization from the Armed Forces, Army, Navy, and Air Force Joint Command, natural or legal persons, public or private persons may not use the emblems of these institutions and any other form of national identity.