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[Main remarks]

"There is no reason to refuse to meet Yoon Seok-yeol... We will move carefully"

"Yun Seok-yeol Investigation started, the public prosecutor's office was put to the test"

"I'm not a 'polite man'…I will show youthful politics"

"Frame my juniors with '

bad talk


...The voters decide whether or not to


"Lee Jun-seok phenomenon, accumulated experience…younger generation Significant change"

"Comparison of tears with Na Kyung-won is unpleasant…I fear that the survivors of the Cheonan will be



Verification of real estate allegations as the top priority when elected as party leader"

"Kim Jong-in know-how and perseverance… There is no reason to exclude certain runners"

…I felt a desire for change.”

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Candidate Jun-Seok Lee.Until a few weeks ago, Joo Young-jin's news briefing was a fixed panel every Friday, but now the status has changed to a strong candidate for the People's Power of the 1st opposition party. Welcome to.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: Hello?

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: How long has it been since the election campaign started, and what is the official period?

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: It seems I worked hard for about three weeks. In fact, it seems less than a month has passed since I decided to run for office.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: There are many changes within a month. I think you are feeling it more than anyone else.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: I don't do this broadcast every day, so I'm worried that I might make a mistake because I don't study enough about social issues these days.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: 'Lee Jun-seok phenomenon', 'Lee Jun-seok gust' has been talked about a lot in the media, and did you not actually have several discussions with other candidates? You can feel that phenomenon, the gusts, in your body wherever you go. How about?

▶ Jun-seok Lee / Candidate for People's Power Party Representative: Actually, this phenomenon is a blast of the young generation caused by accumulated experiences in 2021. I felt like I had never seen it solved in this way in politics. For example, if it was the topic of 2019 and 2020, then it would have been prosecutorial reform. It was not an issue for young people. And it wasn't even expressed in the language of the younger generation. And it didn't develop the way the younger generation wanted it. Therefore, if indifference to politics prevailed, this time it was the issue of fairness or gender issues.

The younger generation is just like, "Uh, that's me?" As the issues that have no choice but to fix the channel continue to come to the fore after the Seoul mayor by-election, my interest in politics is exploding. Right now, our party is the Conservative Party. There were some articles today, but isn't it that the number of young people who voluntarily inquire about joining the conservative party is more in the past month than in the past 4 years? Looking at that, I see that there have already been some significant changes. However, it is up to us to decide whether the politicians embrace this and make it perpetuate, or whether it ends with another gust of wind or typhoon.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: Now that I am listening to you, I have this thought. Nevertheless, the position of representative of the power of the people cannot be achieved only by the voices of young people and young politicians, isn't it?

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Leader Candidate: That's right.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: The People's Power Party members will also vary considerably, and the main supporters are the elderly, those in their 50s, and those in their 60s or older who are conservative. Nevertheless, 36-year-old candidate Lee Jun-seok, who has never been a member of the National Assembly, continues to lead in the polls. I don't think young politics alone can explain it.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Leader Candidate: Whenever I hear that there is a big difference between the party's feelings and the public's feelings, it is a very insulting story to the party members. Because the party members are highly trained voters, and more than anyone else, they are struggling to win next year's presidential election. If that's the case, I'll take a closer look and make a number of promises for party reform during the course of this convention, some of which are very radical.

For example, saying that you want to take a qualification test, etc., are things that could be marked as unconstitutional. However, the party members are acknowledging that that degree of reform is necessary and that such a degree of change is necessary. Because I think this way, I think that if I are elected this time, there can be considerable momentum.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Regarding former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-Yeol, it was a topic that came up every time the candidates for the People's Power were debated, but there was an article a while ago that the Ministry of Air Transport had started an investigation. Perhaps a complaint has been received and the investigation has started procedurally. How do you rate this?

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: I believe that the investigation into former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol is not the opposite of former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, but the Airborne Service. In fact, in the original purpose of the introduction of the Airborne Service, I said that I would strictly investigate the abuse of authority by prosecutors and such people. Will the public be able to convince the public that the Airborne Service has such capabilities or that it has political neutrality? That's why I think that the one who is rather nervous is the airlift. Even in the case of former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, I saw how we first started publicly on the data screen.

If I have a positive evaluation and decide to become a popular politician, it is right that I should increase my contact with the public. In that sense, it is important to continue to meet people early, even if the steps may seem immature at first. And actually, looking at yesterday's appearance, I think it can be evaluated that the media coverage was a bit lacking. However, it will be the first time for the government to cover the questions of the people based on the interest of a certain citizen, which is different from the legal purpose that he has received as a public prosecutor so far, so it is good to experience such a thing early. So I rate it as a very positive move.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Prosecutors don't often answer questions like that with reporters other than the case, the investigation, and an official briefing. Regarding the case of former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol's mother-in-law, the story that Candidate Jun-seok Lee said was quite controversial in the debate. should be responsible

▶ Lee Jun-seok / Candidate for People's Power Party Representative: I believe that former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, if his mother-in-law is a member of the family anyway, just believes in his innocence in principle. That's because I looked into the matter in detail. Then, first of all, there is one decision made by the current prosecution organization. And isn't he one of the best prosecutors in Korea? If this person made such a legal judgment based on the prosecutor's insight, then one of them will lose and the other will win, depending on the outcome of the trial. When I dared to think of this situation, it is my position that if you are a former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol who wants to do popular politics, there is no need to create it. That's why, in the case of the 10 won remarks at that time, I think that's why I think former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol would not be aware of such a situation, so maybe in the process of communicating.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Rep. Jin-Seok Jeong officially apologized today.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: Today, Rep. Jeong Jin-seok said that there was a twist in the delivery process. As I said at the beginning, this is close to a twist or distortion. Former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol actually looked into the matter deeply, and there No legal judgment was made about it. So I'm glad it's organized that way.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: If Candidate Jun-Seok Lee becomes the representative of the People's Power, I would like to meet with former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-Yeol as soon as possible. I recommend joining the party. are you going to do that? Or will you wait?

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: Basically, I think that it is important for us to quickly identify people who can play as our party's presidential candidates, including former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol. Because in the past, when former President Ban Ki-moon emerged as a powerful presidential candidate during the 2017 presidential election, there were actually the Bareun Party and the Liberty Korea Party at that time, but I think that communication was lacking, and in the end, I got the wrong advice from a very narrow talent pool. So, I have a memory of delaying my return to Korea, but I couldn't meet the timing to increase contact with the public, which I mentioned earlier, so support for the public was sharply reduced due to some controversies early on. So I think it's not bad for former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol to actively communicate with political party figures in the end. If there is a role in it, I will do it enough.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: So you don't answer directly? that you are going to play a role. So, can you understand that saying that you want to play a role is an expression of your will to meet? How is it?

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: I have no reason to refuse to meet. I just have this. For example, is it right for me to approach a specific runner first or ask someone who can connect me in the middle? Or does it come first from there? I think there are some minor problems with this form. Of course I want to meet you. However, if I become the leader of a party, then I will move cautiously because each such move will have a political meaning.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: When you thought about running for office a month ago, did you expect that you would take first place in this poll?

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: Na Kyung-won and Joo Ho-young served as floor leaders just before and had a history of being active in the party for a long time, so I even thought that I could compete well with them, but on the contrary, I did one or two. From the second poll, I honestly couldn't predict whether I would be ranked first. Because of that, I became more nervous and realized that the people's desire for change was greater than anything else.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: When Candidate Jun-Seok Lee was in a TV debate like this, they were all senior politicians. It's good to be polite and respond, but there seem to be a lot of reviews saying that they never backed down or showed a bit of a loss. In particular, he showed that he did not back down even an inch toward Candidate Na Kyung-won, was that intentional? Or did you do it that way?

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: It's like this. Actually, people who are originally feminist or social movements like this really hate the term 'stereotyping'. If it's something, for example, 'Women must be like this', stipulating the roles of women, or 'Women should be feminine', the very words themselves are sexist. My perspective on young people is also something our viewers should think about. In Korea, 10 million people are classified as young people. If that is the case, then defining the characteristics of a young man as a characteristic of a young person is to define that the only characteristic of the youth is the attitude of a discussion based on burial or obedience, or basically politeness. Because I've been on the air for a long time, but in fact, I politely ask questions. This is something I can't do no matter how hard I try. Actually.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: No matter how hard you try to politely ask questions. I understand.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: That's why I'm like that, so what part would I give up? Are you going to give up the very polite part or the logical side? It is a decision made between these two ends, and if there is a young person you remember who is very polite but very logical and very easygoing, I would like to learn a bit too. But in most cases that is almost impossible. So, I hope this doesn't force the younger generation to share the two strengths that can't actually coexist, such as a warm iced Americano, as I always liken it. That's why sometimes I get criticized for saying 'there are no four things'. It was me and we had close discussions about 5 times during this discussion process.

After the first and second discussions, a lot of people who care about me send me a message, saying that you have an edge in opinion polls now, so if you show modesty, you win. By the way, I was actually advised by people who care about me, but you know I will reply to you, but in the current situation, among the roles I have to play, besides being elected, there are roles that show that young people’s politics are like this. It was something like this, and I was thinking about why I reacted so harshly to Candidate Na Kyung-won, at least not in the party, at least not to frame the attack. By the way, candidate Na said that because he was worried about me, but he attacked me as a slur. If you look at the category of that slur, the word delusion may be a bit aggressive, but does it fall into the category of slurs we usually use? I thought that it was not so, so I actively countered it, but my delusion is compared to a disabled person and it goes this far. When I see it, it really is an election no matter how much it is, but trying to define a junior as a rookie is a thought that I have to face this. did some

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: Hearing those words made me want to ask some questions like this. Did Candidate Jun-seok Lee ever say a word during the election? Have you ever heard gossip?

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Leader Candidate: I'm politically aware of the concept itself about what we're talking about.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: In fact, the media has given a lot of titles that are called sarcasm workshops.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Leader Candidate: So, I'm not the only one who stipulates that this is a bad word. If my words and words crossed the line, if it was a broadcast, our viewers would appreciate it. And if you're a voter, you'll see what I say and judge you by votes. However, it is not healthy for someone to frame each other like that just by declaring 'that person is stupid'. So, for example, when I communicate with Professor Joong-Kwon Jin, I don't talk like that because Professor Jung-Kwon Jin has become somewhat radical. That's because I think it's okay to have conversations within the range that I can tolerate. So I don't want to put on a frame like that. This means that even if I become the president, I do not expect situations in which the Democrats will confront each other with logic, but only see each other's chances. They attack each other by grabbing a word, and I don't think this is very helpful for political development.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: If Candidate Jun-Seok Lee becomes the representative of the People's Power, the recent controversy is whether or not to entrust the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission to investigate whether there are any lawmakers suspected of real estate speculation. It was criticized that it was a trick to request an audit from the Board of Audit and Inspection. Can not be done. What are you going to do? You've answered several times, but there's something that's a little unclear.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: I am in the position of a leader. Then, first, I have to clarify my philosophy, set the principles according to it, and then inform the people of the detailed plan. I mean, when it comes to philosophy, we have to have great morals. In principle, it should be stricter than the other party, the Democratic Party. I have that principle. Didn't the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission come up as a standard? However, after the announcement of the twelve lawmakers, eight of the Democratic Party members seem to agree and four do not seem to agree, but I also looked into the matter a bit, and there are parts of the four cases that I think were a bit too strict. .

For example, Rep. Woo Sang-ho's case and things like that. So, for me, the ACRC becomes a standard, but it is true that we should apply a stricter standard than that. However, I saw what Commissioner Hyuna Kim said earlier, and I will think about whether the ACRC had enough expertise to do that, and whether this was a perfect choice to the point where it had to be applied mutatis mutandis in another place. So I already see things like the Public Service Ethics Committee in the National Assembly. However, since they are originally in charge of property reporting and things like this, it is my personal opinion that it would be a permanent organization and perpetuation by adding additional manpower and adding a function for real estate verification. Now that we are in a leadership change phase, there may be some who point out why people are not so quick. If I become the party leader, I will promptly announce it as a top priority.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I see. Rep. Hong Jun-pyo posted it on social media a while ago. It seems like it has been a long time since Rep. Hong Jun-pyo posted such a post on SNS, but I pay tribute to the fairness that the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission showed. Although I am an independent, I will receive the documents that will be investigated by the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission today. Let's all the presidential candidates also participate. So I asked a question.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: But I see that the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission does not act on the basis of requests like this, but that I should exist as a common gateway for all lawmakers to pass. As I said earlier, isn't there an organization responsible for property registration? I think it is important to establish a system that allows professional personnel to judge the process of its formation when registering a property. As Rep. Hong said, this time, it is more important for Rep. Jeon Hyun-hee to be perpetuated and institutionalized rather than going like this, rather than raising a question about fairness or seeing it as something like this just because Rep. Jeon Hyeon-hee is from the Democratic Party. I think so.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Perhaps the Democratic Party was in a great shock after entrusting it to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission. Now, if I were to request an investigation, it would probably be around July, August, or September. The regular National Assembly begins and the Chuseok holiday. Aren't you concerned about whether the public's power will suffer too much if the announcement is made around that time?

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Leader Candidate: That's why I won't delay.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: So I won't delay.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: When the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission looked at our party in March, all the lawmakers agreed. If we do a full investigation, we will respond. Instead, at that time, the method and such were undecided, and there were parts that we couldn't handle until the end because of the elections. Since it is a matter that all members of our party have agreed on, if I become the party leader, I will promptly select an institution and request it.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Candidate Jun-Suk Lee is challenging the party leader this time, anyway, winning the presidential and local elections next year is absolute. Then I will ask you this question. The results of next year's election will be clear. win or lose. So, if I lose, can I bet on as party leader?

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Leader Candidate: If you lose the presidential election, it is customary to step down from the party leader position. However, there are sometimes people asking what to do with the local elections being held behind them. However, even if it is a local election, if you lose the presidential election, you need to get ahead of the party and prepare for the local election as soon as possible, and it is meaningless for the defeated leadership to lead it. In that respect, I'm going to keep it clean. The reason this question was asked is itself because of the wrong culture of the party. There seems to be a lot of interest in local elections rather than presidential elections in which only one president is elected, because local elections are more important for building power within the party and obtaining certain political benefits through so-called nominations. I am too young to be involved in such a thing.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I see. Do you still have a strong desire to appoint Kim Jong-in as former non-chairman and former chairman?

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Leader Candidate: I, former Chairman Kim Jong-in, was our most recent victory. Anyway, he led the non-captainer well with floor leader Joo Ho-young and eventually won the election for the first time in a few times, so the experience and know-how are something we will never reject. It was the principle and perseverance of I think that is an essential part of the party. There are many people who are concerned about former Chairman Kim Jong-in's personal critique and evaluation of certain presidential candidates.

If, for example, former Chairman Kim Jong-in said that former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol was a little saddened, if he did it to push other candidates, it would be misleading. But, as the viewers probably know it well, this is someone who doesn't like him very much. For example, as an elder, it is because he is a person who stingly points out who he wants to point out. From my point of view, this person has recently disrespected former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol in order to abandon fairness and push someone. This is the story of people who don't know.

▷ Joo Young-jin/Anchor: Kim Jong-in, former president of the National Assembly, doesn't like any of the presidential candidates, but I don't know if he likes Lee Jun-seok.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Leader Candidate: That's it, I'm lucky if I've been working with him since 2012 and I've gotten good reviews. In the case of former Chairman Kim Jong-in, you can look at it like this. Even in the Seoul mayoral election, I spoke of the very strict criteria for the candidates I was looking for. Wasn't that 'a person who knows the economy in his 40s'? So, at that time, Candidate Oh Se-hoon and Na Kyung-won were treated a little harshly. It is difficult for him to find such a person right now, so he is the one who worked hard to win our party's candidate Oh Se-hoon. That's why I think the presidential candidates will do well in this. It is not permanent to say that former Chairman Kim Jong-in's harsh evaluations are made. This person continues to talk about the ideal he pursues, and I think this is trying to put a particular runner in trouble or to exclude them. I think this interpretation is a bit excessive.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Are there any lawmakers close to Candidate Jun-Suk Lee? However, former lawmaker Yoo Seung-min appeared every day during this debate. If Lee Jun-seok becomes candidate, is he not trying to make former lawmaker Yoo Seung-min a presidential candidate? There was such a controversy, but it is close to Assemblyman Ha Tae-kyung, right?

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: Yes.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: An article just came in that Rep. Tae-Kyung Ha is announcing her candidacy next week. In this case, if Candidate Jun-seok Lee becomes the president, the situation will become more and more difficult, and we need to manage it more fairly.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: Still, two months ago, Assemblyman Ha Tae-kyung said that he was not going to the national convention and was planning to run for president, so I kept watching. Because recently, Rep. Yong-jin Park is creating a sensation in the passport. In fact, Assemblyman Ha Tae-kyung was the one who attempted such an approach earlier than Rep. Yong-jin Park's approach to the younger generation, especially in the context of increasing political participation in 2030. If our party has a runner who speaks for it, of course it is welcome.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Candidate Jun-Seok Lee came out, so I think we may have seen Candidate Jun-Seok Lee posting this yesterday or today. Candidates Na Kyung-won's tears and Lee Jun-seok's tears. Now, it has been reported quite a bit in the media and has become a topic of discussion. I think the picture is ready, but I hope the viewers will look at it once and decide again. Candidate Jun-seok Lee, was that in front of the Ministry of National Defense yesterday?

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: Yes. triangular district.

▷ Young-Jin Joo/Anchor: Protesters related to the sinking of the Cheonan. Don't tarnish our honor any more. The scene where candidate Lee Jun-seok was crying like that in front of me was caught by reporters and a photo was taken. I have very few memories of seeing Candidate Jun-seok Lee crying through media reports. Candidate Jun-seok Lee continued to cry. Candidate Kyung-Won Na was seen crying in real life in the course of a TV debate or a press conference at the National Assembly, but it is unpleasant to compare Candidate Na Kyung-Won's tears with mine. I wondered why I had to express myself like this again.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: Nah, coincidentally, after showing a bit of a weeping appearance at the debate the day before, I went and talked to the surviving soldiers of the Cheonan the next day. Because of that, it can be misunderstood, but when I saw the soldiers of the Cheonan, I was Captain Choi Heon-il. It was the first time I met him when I was a uniformed soldier, and after he was discharged from the military. But actually, tears came to my eyes when I saw him hurt so much because of the inappropriate remarks of a certain broadcasting panel, and I thought that.

So, since this is an election, coincidentally, the media has no choice but to compare the two, but I hated being criticized for saying that my heart for the soldiers of the Cheonan was for election purposes. Therefore, this is not a criticism of my representative. I wish I didn't tie it up like that. It's kind of unpleasant to make that kind of interpretation, but the fact that CEO Na is the way he felt during the TV debate is the fact that before that, when CEO Na received a lot of attacks from his passport, CEO Na called me too, so it's unfair in that regard. I'm offended, you said something like this, so I agree with you on that part. And there were parts of the National Convention where we could be hurt by each other, so that's the part I understand. However, the fact that the media continues to weave this and express it like 'crying for tears' or 'tears for tears' is, in fact, expressing that I am rather uncomfortable because I want to become the bereaved of the Cheonan ship or such people.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I see. Now that the voting is almost finished and the polls are almost finished, appearing like this today probably won't have a big impact on the primary. I think we need to make a promise to our viewers once. There is not much time.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: Anyway, I'm going to visit Daejeon Hyeonchungwon as the first step. I wish that such a thing could be the beginning of a change, there was always a controversy over these things, rather than going to Dongjak-dong Memorial Cemetery and paying a visit to a certain president when the leadership stood up. I would like to meet those who have sacrificed for the country the most, especially those who have received little attention so far, and those who live in Daejeon Memorial Cemetery. As for my actions, I talked a lot about competition or these values. In the case of a spokesperson among our party's party positions, we will do this so that we can show it to the people as soon as possible through a debate battle or such competitive selection, regardless of gender or age.

▷ Youngjin Joo/Anchor: I see. If Candidate Jun-seok Lee becomes the president after the primary election, we will meet him at that time to inquire about more policy and specialized fields. I wish you all the best again until the end. Thank you for coming out today.

▶ Lee Jun-seok/People's Power Party Representative Candidate: Thank you.

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