The issue of regional alliances in the second round continues to be at the heart of the campaign for the first round.

In the Grand-Est region, outgoing President (LR) Jean Rottner thus hinted Wednesday evening that he was not ruling out an alliance in the second round with Macronist Minister Brigitte Klinkert.

“When it was necessary to choose some time ago between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, I made the choice that Xavier Bertrand made this week in Hauts-de-France which is to say, I will support Ms. Bourguignon (candidate from the majority to a partial legislative) because I make the republican front ”, declared Jean Rottner on France 3.“ The door does not have to be closed or opened.

I will be first, I will be at the head (of the first round) and it is up to the lists behind to make their choice, a choice which is to block or not the National Rally and the extreme right, ”he added. he added during a debate organized between the six main heads of the list in the Grand-Est region, before the first round of June 20.

New poll, new speech

Last week, the candidate for his succession had ruled out the possibility of a merger in the second round with the unlabeled list of Brigitte Klinkert.

But since then, an Ipsos Sopra Steria poll for France 3, published on Wednesday, gives the head of the RN list, Laurent Jacobelli, in the second round, in the event of quadrangular (32%), with three points ahead of the LR candidate.

To win the game of withdrawal, the order of arrival on June 20 should weigh.

“Me, I'm going to win and I think I can be in the lead on the night of the first.

In any event, I will do whatever it takes to defend the values ​​that are mine ”, underlined Brigitte Klinkert, Minister responsible for integration.


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