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10 June 2021 In April 2021, the seasonally adjusted index of industrial production is estimated to increase by 1.8% compared to March: this is the

fifth consecutive month of economic growth


the level "exceeds the pre-pandemic levels of February 2020

". Istat communicates this, also indicating the very strong trend rebound.

In the annual comparison and adjusted for calendar effects,

the overall index increases by 79.5%

, "due to the exceptionally low figure of April 2020", when the greatest restrictions on production activities for the containment of Covid took place, with the lockdown.

'' All the main business sectors recorded increases on a monthly basis, among which the one observed for capital goods stands out ''. This is Istat's comment on industrial production data in April. '' In trend terms, the index adjusted for calendar effects records very strong increases for almost all sectors, due to the particularly low production levels of April last year, when the greatest restrictions on production took place for containment of the Covid-19 epidemic ''.

In April 2021, Istat estimates that the seasonally adjusted index of industrial production will increase by 1.8% compared to March. On the average of the February-April period, the level of production increases by 1, 9% compared to the previous three months.

The monthly seasonally adjusted index shows cyclical increases in all the main groups of industries: positive changes characterize, in fact, capital goods (+ 3.1%), energy (+ 2.4%), intermediate goods (+1 , 1%) and, to a lesser extent, consumer goods (+ 0.5%). Adjusted for calendar effects, in April 2021 the overall index increased in trend terms by 79.5%, due to the exceptionally low figure of April 2020.

Extraordinarily large increases therefore characterize all sectors: the increase, less pronounced for energy (+ 14.2%), is very high for capital goods (+ 119.5%), intermediate goods (+ 98.1%) and consumer goods (+ 62.2%).

All the main sectors of economic activity recorded increases on a trend basis, with the exception of the production of basic pharmaceutical products (-3.2%).

The largest growth characterizes the sectors of the textile, clothing, leather and accessories industries (+ 363.2%)

, the manufacturing of means of transport (+ 327.3%), other industries (+ 160.9%), manufacture of articles in rubber and plastic materials (+ 149.3%) and metallurgy and manufacture of metal products (+ 132.8%).