German automaker Volkswagen was fraudulently evading emissions regulations, and German prosecutors falsely told the federal parliamentary investigative committee about former CEO Wintercoln, who was at the top when the fraud was discovered I was charged with giving testimony.

In September 2015, Volkswagen discovered that diesel vehicles were equipped with fraudulent software that kept toxic emissions low only during testing in order to evade emission regulations, and Wintercoln immediately became CEO. I resigned.

German prosecutors announced yesterday that they had been charged with false testimony by a former CEO at a federal parliamentary investigation committee in 2017.

Prosecutors said the former CEO had identified the issue in September 2015, but was already aware of the issue in May of that year and said the issue had been discussed at a meeting inside Volkswagen. I will.

The former CEO has also been charged with fraud and other charges for continuing to sell problematic cars without notifying European and American authorities and consumers, knowing the fraud.

In connection with this, Volkswagen announced on the 9th that the former CEO has agreed to pay the company 11.2 million euros as compensation for damages, about 1.5 billion yen in Japanese yen.

In response to the problem of exhaust gas fraud, Volkswagen has paid more than 30 billion euros in fines and legal costs, and more than 4 trillion yen in Japanese yen.

French judiciary authorities also start full-scale investigation

French law enforcement officials also announced last month that they had launched a full-scale investigation into Volkswagen on suspicion of fraud over diesel vehicle emissions regulations.

After that, he asked Volkswagen for a deposit of 10 million euros for fines, a deposit of about 1.3 billion yen, and a bank guarantee of 60 million euros for future damages.

Volkswagen pointed out that the German authorities, including the car sold in France in 2018, had already been fined 1 billion euros, and said that the French authorities' decision was "considered to challenge by all means. I have. "

The French judiciary also launched a full-scale investigation into Renault on the 8th with the same suspicion.

Renault commented, "We deny any violations. Renault's cars are not equipped with fraudulent equipment."