According to the new report from Hav, there are 445 EU baths ahead of this year's bathing season.

This is an increase from 438 compared to last year.

- It is positive.

By following the requirements that apply to EU baths, the municipalities can quality-stamp their larger bathing sites and work for improvements, says Mikael Krysell, head of the environmental monitoring unit at Hav in a press release.

Satisfactory, good or excellent

Around 90 percent of the 445 Swedish EU baths have satisfactory, good or excellent bathing water quality.

- Swedish EU baths that received the classification excellent quality of bathing water, however, decreased slightly compared to last year, from 378 to 361 before this year's bathing season, says Mikel Krysell.

According to Hav, there are 21 EU bathing sites in Östergötland, all in the municipality of Linköping.