The view is breathtaking, extends far into the Wetterau and is certainly one more reason for many visitors to visit the Butzbacher Schrenzerbad in summer.

But the visit could be tight this year, even if Michael Weiß, Managing Director of the Städtische Bäderbetriebe, still has a little bit of hope for this year.

"If everything is going very, very well, we'll open in mid-August," he says.

So whether the people of Butzbach will still be able to swim outdoors during part of the summer holidays is still rather questionable these days.

Work is currently being carried out on the two and a half hectare area.

23 trades were advertised individually and now have to be coordinated.

On a long list, Weiß has summarized the work that is still pending.

Some have three red question marks.

The cold weather, including frost, and material delivery bottlenecks are the biggest problems that one has to struggle with these days.

Wood, steel and aluminum are in short supply.

And he doesn't get doors either, says Weiß.

For some work, they didn't even get offers in response to tenders.

Outdoor facilities will be more expensive than planned

Nevertheless, work on the outdoor facilities began at the end of May. At the beginning it became clear that the entire supply and disposal lines on the pool area had to be replaced. In order to make the bathroom completely handicapped accessible, the pool operators have to overcome another hurdle, which has to do with the exposed location of the pool. "We have a height difference of 17.86 meters from the entrance area to the former children's paddling pool," says Weiß. The area therefore drops by almost 20 meters. This is an immense challenge for people with disabilities, for example wheelchair users. The specifications provide for a gradient of no more than six percent. The solution: Wide paths will stretch through the entire outdoor area, which will compensate for the difference in height. One of the reasons,why the outdoor facilities are three times more expensive than planned.

What should especially please the little guests: There is a new play and bathing course, which was created at exactly the opposite end of the former paddling pool. That was necessary because the old pool was not visible to the lifeguards. “In addition, the previous pool was damaged,” says Weiß. And since a renovation in the same place would have cost around 250,000 euros, a new location was chosen straight away.

In the old place, a sun sail will be attached, a table tennis table and a chess game will be set up.

In addition, a second exit, changing rooms for the disabled and parents with children would be set up in the bathroom.

There is also a changing room for the staff, including showers.

In addition, the lighting will be renewed, a storage and technical room will be built and security lockers will be installed.

The main and non-swimmer pools will be preserved, but a new lifeguard will be built.

A total of 2.8 million euros are being invested in the Schrenzerbad, of which 681,000 euros have come from public funds from the State of Hesse's swimming pool investment program (SWIM).

In total, there has been a lack of income for two years

Where there is still work being done at one point, it can be opened again at another point. "We are pleased to announce that the Butzbach indoor swimming pool will be open to the public from Monday, June 8th, and to the public from Monday, June 14th," says the public swimming pool operator's website. As a reminder: the bathroom had to be closed after the renovation due to construction defects. Then came Corona. In total, there has been a lack of income for two years, while the costs continue to arise. Repayment, personnel, operating costs for heating, ventilation, water and electricity have to be paid even with the doors closed.

"From June 11th or 12th, visitors can register online for a visit," says Weiß. That runs on the website However, only single tickets would be issued. In order to make the stay as safe as possible, the usual hygiene regulations apply. In addition, there must be a negative test or a certificate of complete vaccination. Adults pay 4.80 euros for a ticket, children and young people three euros.