According to a new study from IVL Swedish Environmental Institute, there are major differences in how the country's municipalities prevent the negative effects of climate change, such as forest fires, heat waves, torrential rains and floods.

- The challenge is to allocate resources and finance the measures, says Hanna Matschke Ekholm, expert in climate adaptation and project manager at IVL Swedish Environmental Institute.

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In first place is Lomma municipality, just before Norrköping.

Ängelholm, Söderhamn, Skövde, Kristianstad and Arvika share third place.

The majority of municipalities are moving forward in climate adaptation work - but with great variation.

Up to a hundred municipalities do not reach up to half of the maximum score in the survey.

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"We can not prevent climate change - despite this, we continue to build vulnerability into society instead of resilience," says Hanna Matschke Ekholm, project manager at IVL Swedish Environmental Institute.

Photo: Per Leandersson / SVT