White House officials held their first face-to-face summit on the four-country framework of Japan, the United States, Australia, and India, which the U.S. Biden administration emphasizes in its fight against China, this fall in Washington. He showed his intention to hold it at.

President Biden of the United States shares values ​​such as democracy and the rule of law in countering China, which is becoming more influential, from Japan, the United States, Australia, and India, which are located in the Indo-Pacific. We emphasize a framework called "quad".

At the White House's NSC National Security Council, Indo-Pacific Coordinator Campbell, who oversees Asian policy, said at an online event on the 8th, "Our goal is to meet leaders in Washington this fall. It is to hold a summit meeting of the United States, "he said, and expressed his intention to hold the first summit meeting in person.

After that, at the summit meeting, he expressed his intention to discuss the supply system of the new coronavirus vaccine and the strengthening of cooperation in infrastructure development.

The "Quad" summit was held online for the first time in March, and the Biden administration aims to further strengthen this framework by achieving a face-to-face summit as soon as possible. Seems to be.