Jakarta (AFP)

At least thirteen McDonald's restaurants have been provisionally closed in Indonesia to prevent the spread of Covid-19, with the new 'BTS' menu, named after the k-pop star group, causing a frenzy of orders and a rush of delivery people.

In Jakarta and other Indonesian cities, notices of closure have been posted on at least thirteen restaurants, overwhelmed by delivery people who have come to collect the famous menu - chicken nuggets, fries and a drink - available since Wednesday, according to local media. citing official sources.

“We have temporarily closed four McDonald's stores in Semarang for two days,” said Fajar Purwoto, a law enforcement official in the city.

"We do not want Semarang to become a Covid-19 red zone again".

Indonesia is one of the countries in Asia most severely affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Authorities in Jakarta have not made any statements but according to media reports, five outlets in the capital have been closed.

The K-pop megastars had become last August the first 100% South Korean group to reach the top of the hits in the United States with "Dynamite", title entirely in English.

The "BTS" menu has been on sale in dozens of countries since May.

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