The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will relax travel advice from seven European countries on Thursday.

These are Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg.

In addition, the ministry confirms that from Thursday holidays will be possible again to Germany, Italy and Austria, as The Hague sources already reported on Tuesday.

There is a steady decline in the corona figures in European countries, the ministry reports.

This makes holiday travel possible again, but travelers should be aware of the few health risks that are still present.

The color code orange applied to the countries, in other words: do not travel, unless it is necessary.

From Thursday, color code yellow will apply.

This means that travelers do not have to hand over a negative test result upon return to the Netherlands and do not have to go into quarantine.

There are still travel restrictions at destinations

Although the Netherlands is relaxing the travel advice, it may still be the case that entry restrictions still apply to Dutch travelers from the eight European countries.

For example, unvaccinated travelers must submit a negative test result after arrival in Austria.

In Italy, all travelers should.

Poland makes quarantine mandatory for unvaccinated travelers unless they present a negative test result.

In Slovakia, a quarantine obligation applies to all travelers, which can be terminated after eight days after a negative test.

The ministry closes with a warning.

"The situation in a country can change quickly. Prepare well for the trip."

Improvement: in an earlier version of this message, based on information from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was stated that travel to Norway would be possible for Dutch tourists. This is not correct, the ministry has corrected the information: Norway only allows foreigners living in the country. The color code for the country therefore remains orange. Travelers returning from Norway from 10 June do not need to be quarantined at home. They also do not have to be able to show a negative PCR test.