China News Service, Taiyuan, June 7 (Yang Jing) "Based on the experience and lessons of last year's exam, in order to relieve the pressure of students in the exam, this year, from the school gate to the exam room, all staff are required to treat candidates with a smile." Taiyuan City Tenth Jia Xiaoqin, the vice principal of No. 5 Middle School, said that if students experience special circumstances during the exam, teachers are required to comfort the candidates softly and not aggravate the students' nervousness.

The examination staff arranges the examination room.

Photo by Wei Liang

  The 2021 college entrance examination will be conducted from June 7th to 8th.

On the afternoon of June 6, the reporter walked into the college entrance examination center of No. 15 Middle School in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province.

Entering the school gate, the automatic temperature measurement door, safety detection and identification system are ready; the electronic screen of the teaching building "National Uniform College Entrance Examination Center of the Fifteenth Middle School in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province", "Integrity Test", "It is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones and other communication tools" The words "Smile" are being broadcasted on a rolling basis; two banners outside the teaching building that "smile you and give you confidence" are eye-catching.

  During the college entrance examination this year, the school will still set up an epidemic prevention deputy examiner who is responsible for guiding the entire school's epidemic prevention work and dealing with emergencies.

Jia Xiaoqin introduced that after entering the school, candidates need to pass the automatic temperature measurement system. If the body temperature is normal, security testing and identification will be carried out successively. After the three tests pass, students can enter the examination room.

After entering the examination room, the candidates will be tested by mobile phones and body temperature for a second time.

Epidemic prevention personnel carry out killing operations at the college entrance examination test site.

Photo by Wei Liang

  "Candidates who find abnormal body temperature will be handed over to the deputy director of epidemic prevention for processing. In a responsible attitude for the students, scientific research and judgment will be carried out without affecting the emotions of the candidates, timely processing, and reasonable arrangements for the examination." Jia Xiaoqin said.

  Taiyuan No. 15 Middle School has 23 standard test rooms, 2 spare test rooms, and 3 isolated test rooms.

There are four seats in the four corners of the isolated examination room. The examination room is equipped with protective clothing, ultraviolet disinfection lamps, masks and other epidemic prevention items.

  Jia Xiaoqin said that compared with 2020, this year the school is more adequate in preparation for the college entrance examination and preparations for epidemic prevention materials.

On the morning of June 5th, the school conducted training on travel safety, food safety, and epidemic prevention measures during the college entrance examination for candidates, and asked candidates to pay special attention to safety protection on the way to the examination room and during the examination.

On the afternoon of June 5th, the school conducted training and drills for all examination personnel, logistics team and other staff in various departments.

The examiner checks the temperature measuring gun at the college entrance examination test site.

Photo by Wei Liang

  From 17:00 that day, students and their parents went to the entrance of the test center to check the test room.

Ren Jiatong, a student of the High School Affiliated to Taiyuan Normal University, told reporters that he has already reviewed the key knowledge of the subjects to be tested tomorrow. "I am ready for the college entrance examination. In the evening, he will relax and relieve himself by listening to songs. Little nervous."

  “Wear red on the first day, red when you open the door, green on the second day, green light all the way.” To show good color, a parent had put on a wine-red cheongsam. She bluntly said that she was more nervous than the child. With my own strength, I am admitted to the ideal school, and I hope that all candidates will be named in the gold list."

The examination staff arranges the examination room.

Photo by Wei Liang

  According to statistics from the Shanxi Provincial Admissions and Examination Management Center, the total number of applicants for the general college entrance examination in Shanxi Province in 2021 is 315,700. The province has 117 examination areas, 277 examination centers, and 9,552 examination rooms.