China News Service, Moscow, June 7 (Reporter Wang Xiujun) On the 7th, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Pan Jin said at a hearing held by the State Duma (lower house of parliament) that Western countries’ sanctions against Russia are reflected in the form of law and will remain exist.

  Pan Jin said that sanctions against Russia will always exist.

This has been reflected in many legislations and regulations in the United States and other countries, and it is impossible to reverse it.

  Pan Jin said that these sanctions were implemented under vague excuses and had no evidence basis.

  Pan Jin emphasized that Russia will not ask anyone to lift the sanctions.

"We will not abandon Crimea. If Crimea has always been within Russian territory, sanctions will definitely remain with us."

  Pan Jin said that the sanctions will be lifted by those who impose the sanctions.

Russia needs to prepare for new sanctions.

  Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov stated on the 7th that the United States has imposed more than 90 sanctions on Russia.

This is a vicious circle.

In theory, we need to get out of this cycle.

Because sanctions cannot achieve any goals.

  Peskov said that there is only one way to work for Russia, and that is dialogue based on mutual respect.

  In March 2014, Crimea and Sevastopol held a referendum. More than 90% of the voters agreed to leave Ukraine and join Russia.

Ukraine does not recognize the aforementioned referendum and opposes the merger of Crimea and Sevastopol into Russia.

The United States and other Western countries have therefore imposed multiple rounds of sanctions on Russia.