Marwan Issa, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades (the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas), said that the Palestinian resistance has bargaining chips to achieve an "honorable exchange deal."

Issa added - during the investigation of "what is hidden greater" on Al-Jazeera, in his first appearance on a media outlet - that the prisoners' file is now the most important thing on the Qassam leadership table.

He continued, "This priority for this file means that there is an effort equal to the size of this file, whatever the costs. We cannot waste more time looking at the suffering of our prisoners and their families, and the extent of the Zionist crime against them."

He explained that what the resistance means by talking about the prisoners are "all Palestinian and Arab prisoners in Zionist prisons, and from all factions of our Palestinian people, without exception."

He pointed out that the resistance elements in the "shadow unit" are on top of their work, "and they are preserving the prisoners who are in our hands until this moment."

In a related context, Issa confirmed that the battle of the "Sword of Jerusalem" - which the resistance factions in Gaza fought against Israel over a period of 11 days, and ended with a ceasefire at dawn on May 21 - constituted an "important and landmark stage that will have its aftermath."

He continued, "Some are skeptical about the resistance's ability to withstand inside Palestine, and it is fighting the occupation, as there is a group that has been deterred and its awareness of the occupation has been ironed, and here we affirm that the resistance is inside Palestine, and if the enemy is following it around the clock, it will surprise the enemy and friend with help God".