China News Service, June 7-According to a Reuters report on the 7th, a recording showed that the extremist organization "Islamic State West Africa" ​​stated that the leader of its rival "Boko Haram" Abubakar Shekao had died.

Foreign media have previously reported on rumors that Xie Kao was injured and even died.

  Abu Musab al-Barnawi, the head of the "Islamic State West Africa Province", said in a recording that Xie Kao was chased by militants from the "Islamic State West Africa Province" after a battle and detonated an explosive device. Died around May 18.

  The Nigerian military said last month that it was investigating the alleged death of Shekao, and Nigeria and foreign news media also reported the news.

  "Boko Haram" was established in 2004 and was once considered to be closely linked to the "Al Qaeda" organization.

Xie Kao became the new leader after the organization's founder, Muhammad Yusuf, was shot dead in 2009.

  After Xie Kao took office, "Boko Haram" used women and children as "human bombs" to carry out indiscriminate suicide attacks, killing a large number of innocent civilians.

Some members of "Boko Haram" opposed these practices and left the organization. Some of them formed the "Islamic State in West Africa" ​​and declared their allegiance to the "Islamic State."

  According to Agence France-Presse, the "Islamic State of West Africa" ​​has recently competed with "Boko Haram" for territory in northeastern Nigeria. The former has gradually become bigger, while the latter has repeatedly lost in the competition.

  Reuters quoted political analysts as saying that the death of Xie Kao may end the violent conflict between the two rival factions and enable the "Islamic State in West Africa" ​​to absorb militants from "Boko Haram" to consolidate its presence in northeastern Nigeria The territory of the region.