Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 6th, title: "Why does China's new crown vaccine work?"

——Xinhua News Agency reporter interviewed Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health Commission

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Fang and Chen Xiyuan

  The new crown pneumonia epidemic, which has not been encountered in a century, has been delayed for more than a year. The epidemic fluctuates repeatedly, the virus frequently mutates, and the situation is still complicated and severe.

  Responding to the prevention and control of the epidemic is a major issue related to human development and an urgent issue of global governance.

  The number and speed of research and development of new crown vaccines rank among the top in the world. Two inactivated vaccines have entered the WHO emergency use list, and more than 350 million doses have been supplied to the world...eliminate the "immune gap" and make every effort to promote the return of the world's people to "normalization" Behind the "China speed" of vaccines, the mission of a responsible power is demonstrated.

  What is the overall progress of my country's new crown vaccine research and development?

What kind of international cooperation has been carried out?

What are the results of vaccine research in the real world?

Will there be new vaccines coming out in the next step?

... On the 6th, Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health Commission and head of the vaccine research and development team of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from Xinhua News Agency to respond to the focus of public concern.

  Unprecedented research-21 new crown vaccines have entered clinical trials

  Question: The sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has posed unprecedented challenges to vaccine research. What level is China at?

What is the current progress?

  Answer: We insist on early deployment and multiple routes. We will set up a special team to deploy vaccine research and development in February 2020. The speed and quantity of my country's new crown vaccine research and development has always been the world's first square.

  my country has 21 new crown vaccines in clinical trials.

At present, 4 vaccines have been approved for conditional marketing in China, 3 vaccines have been approved for emergency use in China, 8 vaccines have been approved for phase III clinical trials abroad, and 1 mRNA vaccine has been ethically approved abroad, realizing overseas clinical trials. Test the comprehensive coverage of inactivated vaccines, recombinant protein vaccines, adenovirus vector vaccines, and nucleic acid vaccine technical routes.

  While the number of vaccine research and development ranks among the top in the world, the speed of research and development has also set a record.

It took only 2 months from the start of the new crown vaccine research and development project to the world’s first clinical research; to the first emergency use of vaccines in my country’s history, and only 4 months; to the first overseas phase III clinical trials of vaccines in my country’s history. It only took 5 months; until the conditional listing was approved, it only took 11 months.

  Make vaccines as a global public product-supply more than 350 million doses to the world, and more than 90 countries and regions have been approved for marketing or emergency use

  Q: At the opening ceremony of the 73rd World Health Assembly, China solemnly pledged to make vaccines a global public product.

The global epidemic is raging. How can China meet its domestic and international needs when its own vaccine demand is huge?

What kind of power do we contribute to the global fight against the epidemic?

  Answer: The new crown pneumonia epidemic is the most serious global infectious disease pandemic in a century. General Secretary Xi Jinping led the largest global humanitarian action in the history of New China, and implemented the concept of a community of human health and health with practical actions.

  my country's new crown vaccine has been approved for marketing or emergency use in more than 90 countries and regions around the world, and 2 vaccines have been approved to be included in the WHO's emergency use list.

  Although the total number of domestic vaccination in my country has more than 700 million doses, which is far ahead in the world, the proportion of vaccination per 100 people is not leading.

Under this circumstance, according to the domestic and foreign epidemic situation, we will make overall plans and take into account domestic and international needs, and rationally deploy vaccine supplies.

my country's new crown vaccine has supplied more than 350 million doses abroad, including donations to more than 80 countries and exports to more than 40 countries.

In October 2020, my country announced its participation in the New Coronary Vaccine Implementation Plan (COVAX) and promised to supply 10 million doses of vaccine. On May 7, 2021, after the inactivated vaccine of Sinopharm Beijing Institute was included in the WHO emergency use list, June 1 On June, the first batch of COVAX vaccines supplied by the institute went offline.

  my country is actively carrying out international cooperation in the development, production, and use of new crown vaccines.

In terms of research and development, some vaccine research and development units have cooperated with relevant institutions in more than 20 countries, including the UAE, Brazil, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, and Pakistan, to carry out phase III clinical trials.

In terms of production, the raw liquid produced by some companies has been shipped to Brazil, Indonesia, Egypt, UAE, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries, and overseas sub-packaging has been started.

  China’s valuable anti-epidemic experience is to uphold the people's supremacy and life first, and always put the people's life and health first.

In the face of the raging epidemic, no one can survive alone.

To make China's contribution to the availability and affordability of vaccines in developing countries, and to fulfill its solemn commitment to "provide more vaccines to the outside world as much as it can," China said so and did so.

  A weapon to defeat the epidemic-real-world studies show that Chinese vaccines have good protection

  Question: Vaccines are a weapon to defeat the epidemic. Everyone is very concerned about the actual protective effect of vaccines.

How safe and effective are the vaccines approved in China in the real world?

  Answer: As the overseas epidemic situation is still severe, it is not easy to accurately count the real-world protection rate, but there are two cases that can be introduced.

The Chilean Ministry of Health has announced that as of May 16, the country has received approximately 13.25 million doses of Coxing inactivated vaccine. The results of the study show that the effective rate of preventing symptomatic infections is 65.3% 14 days after the second dose. The effective rate of hospitalization was 87%, the effective rate of preventing entry into the intensive care unit was 90.3%, and the effective rate of preventing death caused by infection was 86%. Taking into account the prevalence of local variant strains, it suggests that my country’s vaccines may have a good effect on variant strains. Cross protection effect.

  On June 1, Kexing released the preliminary results of the "S plan" for the new crown vaccine trial in Serana, Brazil.

Among the more than 40,000 people in the city, more than 90% of adults have completed the vaccination.

The results show that although the epidemic situation in the surrounding areas is still severe, the number of deaths due to the new crown virus in Serana has dropped by 95%, the number of symptomatic cases has dropped by 80%, and the number of hospitalizations has dropped by 86%.

In addition, vaccination also protects the immune barrier for children and adolescents who have not been vaccinated.

  Large-scale domestic vaccination fully demonstrates that my country's vaccines have good safety.

According to statistics, over 700 million doses of vaccination in my country, the incidence of adverse reactions reported was 11.86/100,000 doses.

Among them, the general reaction accounted for 83%, and the abnormal reaction accounted for 17%. The incidence of general reaction and abnormal reaction was lower than the average reported level of various vaccines routinely vaccinated in my country in 2019.

  Phase III clinical trials also showed that the vaccine has good safety and effectiveness.

On May 26, the international medical journal "Journal of the American Medical Association" published the phase III clinical trial results of two inactivated vaccines developed by Sinopharm Zhongsheng. This is the world's first officially published phase III clinical trial results of the new crown inactivated vaccine. Data show that the protective efficacy of the two inactivated vaccines is 72.8% and 78.1%, respectively.

  Build a "Great Wall of Immunization"-at least 70% of the target population is expected to be vaccinated before the end of the year

  Q: According to the WHO report, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused more than 3 million deaths worldwide, affecting more than 200 countries and regions.

China is advancing the largest scale of COVID-19 vaccination. What is the current progress?

How far is it to build an immune barrier?

  Answer: On March 24, China officially launched the "daily newspaper" system for COVID-19 vaccination.

Since May, vaccination has entered the "accelerated run". At present, the country's new crown vaccination has exceeded 700 million doses, and the Chinese vaccine has been recognized and accepted by more countries in the world.

The recent local cases suggest that the situation of prevention and control is still severe. We need your help to build a "Great Wall of Immunization" and reduce "vaccine hesitation".

  In order to facilitate the people and benefit the people and promote vaccination for the whole population, temporary vaccination sites, mobile vaccination sites, and door-to-door vaccination in key places go hand in hand; the population of key industries, key units, and key areas have been expanded and expanded to meet everyone's needs as soon as possible.

  In this "big test" of vaccination, medical staff made outstanding contributions.

The amount of inoculation is more than 20 million doses a day, and it exceeds 100 million doses in 5 days. Every link must be checked, and every code cannot be wrong. This is the result of the hard work of the majority of medical staff. They are respectable and lovely!

It is expected that at least 70% of the target population will be vaccinated before the end of this year.

  Question: What new research do we have on the impact of virus mutations on vaccines that the public is concerned about?

What is the progress of the emergency use of aerosolized inhaled new crown vaccine?

Will the age of emergency use of vaccines be further extended?

  Answer: First, we actively promote the follow-up related research of the new crown vaccine, including real-world research, immune persistence research, etc., to provide reference for the further large-scale use of the vaccine.

  Second, current research shows that existing vaccines can control existing virus mutations.

But we must take precautions. As the virus is still spreading rapidly around the world, we must closely monitor the virus mutation and do a good job in the research and development of the vaccine for the severely mutated strain of the new coronavirus in advance.

  Third, actively promote more vaccines to carry out Phase III clinical trials, promote more vaccines to market, and form greater production capacity. The ultimate goal is to increase vaccine supply.

  Fourth, the nasal spray vaccine is also one of our earliest technical routes. At present, relevant units are carrying out clinical trials of nasal spray and atomized inhalation of the new crown vaccine and collecting data statistical analysis. When the data is basically complete, we will organize experts in a timely manner Prove its safety and effectiveness.

  Fifth, my country's new crown vaccine users have covered the population over 18 years old, and the oldest vaccinators are over 100 years old.

At present, experts have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine used by people aged 3 to 17 years old. After approval by the relevant state departments, it will also be used in this population as needed.

  Sixth, we also propose that the WHO can make timely adjustments to the rules for the new crown vaccine to enter the emergency use list based on the actual situation of global epidemic prevention and control.

For example, for animal experiments and phase I/II clinical trials, the results are very good, and the production is fully in line with GMP standards. Therefore, we should consider exempting phase III clinical trials and use neutralizing antibodies as a substitute indicator, which can greatly increase the supply of vaccines.

  The virus is our common enemy, and the whole world is a community with a shared future for mankind.

If one place is not safe, no one is safe.

"Hello everyone is really good!" In this protracted battle against the epidemic, we must join hands.