President Moon Jae-in personally apologized for the death of an Air Force noncommissioned officer.

I told the bereaved family that they were sorry that the state could not protect them, but the bereaved family appealed to him to relieve his daughter's pain and restore her honor.

It was Memorial Day with a heavier heart than ever.

Reporter Kwon Ran reports.


President Moon Jae-in said, "I'm sorry", pointing out that it was an 'abuse of the barracks culture' through the commemoration ceremony on the 66th Memorial Day.

[President Moon Jae-in: I would like to express my deepest apologies to the people for the recent cases of poor food service in the military and the destruction of the barracks culture that has resulted in a sad and unreasonable death that still remains.]

Although it was not directly mentioned, the recent incident 'The death of a non-commissioned officer of the Air Force for sexual harassment' He defined the incident' as an 'unfortunate death' and expressed his apology directly as the commander-in-chief of the military.

At the same time, he said, "I will definitely correct the problem of poor food service in the military, which has been controversial."

[President Moon Jae-in: I will make sure to correct it for the sake of morale and national security as well as the human rights of military personnel.]

President Moon emphasized the self-reliance of the military, especially, saying, “I believe that the military has the capacity to change and innovate according to the needs of the people.” I did.

Immediately after the memorial service, President Moon visited the memorial service for the victims of the non-commissioned officer.

The father who lost his daughter sobbed, unable to let go of President Moon's hand, and President Moon repeatedly apologized, "I am sorry that the state could not protect me."

In front of the bereaved family, who cried in tears to "relieve her daughter's pain and restore her honor," President Moon ordered a thorough fact-finding investigation and improvement of the barracks culture to his accompanying Defense Minister Seo Wook.

President Moon ordered a strict treatment on the 3rd, right after the incident was made public, and immediately accepted the resignation of Lee Seong-yoon, Chief of Staff of the Air Force the next day, and today visited the memorial with an apology to pay tribute to the people.

A Blue House official said, "President Moon himself added a related message to today's Memorial Day memorial service."

(Video coverage: No. 1, Video editing: Park Soo-sun)