China News Service, Zhengzhou, June 6th, title: From "serious" to "lively" Chinese college entrance examination candidates "fancy" decompression before the exam

  China News Agency reporter Han Zhangyun

  Blue Doraemon dolls, yellow sunflowers, red red envelopes, oranges, zongzi... In the last class before taking the college entrance examination, Wang Qing's desk was full of these gifts.

  Wang Qing is a senior high school student in Zhengzhou No. 4 Middle School. The gift is carefully prepared by the teacher and the parent committee for every candidate in the class who will take the college entrance examination.

  "The Doraemon doll symbolizes what you want to achieve, the sunflower symbolizes winning the first place in one fell swoop, and the zongzi symbolizes the college entrance examination high school." Speaking of these blessings, Wang Qing holding the doll smiled.

  The 2021 college entrance examination will kick off on June 7. According to official data, the number of applicants for the college entrance examination nationwide this year is 10.78 million, an increase of 70,000 from last year.

  The college entrance examination is one of the largest national unified examinations in China. Tension, anxiety, and stress are common mental states of pre-exam candidates, even parents and teachers.

In recent years, the concept of easy college entrance examination has attracted more and more people's attention. They relieved the candidates before the exam, and at the same time cheered up. Schools and parents across China have made many attempts and innovations.

  On June 5th, before the senior high school students of Zhengzhou No. 4 Middle School left the school, the school carefully built a "water gate" for the candidates. The water curtain under the sun reflected a rainbow, like a bridge, and the senior high school students ran and cheered across the water curtain. , Meaning "fish leaping over the dragon gate".

  On the same day, at the Zelong Experimental Middle School in Baoding, Hebei, the principal and the third-year teacher went to the fields to harvest wheat during the mang planting season, and gave bunches of golden and plump wheat ears to the candidates, wishing the students a good harvest for the college entrance examination.

  In the Shandong Experimental Middle School, the "last lesson" for senior students before the college entrance examination is to expose the "growth blind box". This is an activity quietly planned by teachers and parents. The children’s childhood photos are exposed in the classroom and the students can guess Guess "who he (she) is", take this opportunity to ease the test takers' nervous preparation for the test.

At the Jinsha Senior High School in Sha County, Sanming City, Fujian Province, teachers and students stepped out of the classroom to "call the building" to cheer for the candidates who are about to take the college entrance examination.

  The above-mentioned "fancy" decompression activities of teachers and students before the college entrance examination in many places in China also attracted the attention and discussion of netizens.

  "Post-80s" Zhao Canyang has graduated from high school for 16 years, and he still remembers the last lesson in school before the college entrance examination.

"The head teacher issued the admission ticket for the college entrance examination, and again reminded us of the precautions for the exam, encouraging us to stick to the question no matter how difficult it is to win in the end, and then everyone began to pack all the books and go home. Everyone was relatively silent and didn't know how to say goodbye. "

  For that year, Zhao Canyang still felt a little regretful. He regretted that he went too hurriedly and did not give the teacher a hug to say thank you, and regret that he did not have the opportunity to "call the building" with his classmates to cheer for himself.

"Look at the current children. There are many ways to release pressure before the college entrance examination. The youthful publicity and enthusiasm are envied by the screen.

  According to Liu Fugang, a senior physics teacher in Zhengzhou No. 4 Middle School, the atmosphere of sending exams has changed a lot in recent years, after teaching students from one class to another in the past 20 years.

  "Before the high school seniors left school, the teachers were a hundred people worried. They were afraid that there were still test sites that weren’t clear. They were afraid that the students would still have questions to answer. But now, from the school to the parents, they generally support creating a relaxed experience for students. The welcoming atmosphere allows students to release their stress and emotions in the way they like." Liu Fugang also said that the premise of the "fancy" test delivery event is to grasp the degree, and after the event, students should be guided to calm their minds and calmly welcome the college entrance examination. .

  For the above-mentioned various types of stress-reducing activities, Shang Yuhong, the national second-level psychological counselor and director of the Office of the Student Mental Health Education Center of Henan University of Technology, believes that it can help candidates vent their emotions and release stress to a certain extent.