“It's hard not to get better from ice cream because it contains animal fats and sugar.

If you choose ice cream, then at least look at the composition so that it does not contain vegetable fats and palm oil.

There is also ice cream with sugar substitutes on sale for those who follow their figure, ”said the expert.

In addition, as noted by the nutritionist, you can now buy protein ice cream with a high protein content.

“The composition will most likely contain a sugar substitute and milk protein (protein) - it will contain more protein than regular ice cream.

Plus, it will be useful, since protein is necessary for our body, "- said the specialist.

If possible, it’s best to eat ice cream before 15 hours, she said.

“Up to three hours any person has the fastest possible metabolism.

It is considered correct, if you want to eat sweets, then it is better to eat it at this time when you are most active, when you have the highest metabolic rate, ”explained Pisareva.

She added that, for example, popsicles are more suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

“But sorbet is better than popsicle.

There is less sugar added because there is more sweetness from the fruit.

In principle, you can make your own ice cream at home.

Beat the fruits in a blender and freeze them in a jar - in fact, you get the same sorbet, ”she concluded.

Earlier, orthodontist Maria Balakireva told in an interview with RT how often you can eat sweets and how its use affects dental health.