President Moon Jae-in attended the Memorial Day Memorial Ceremony held at the National Cemetery in Seoul on the morning of the 6th.

President Moon commemorates the noble sacrifice and devotion of those who sacrificed for the martyrs and their neighbors through the memorial service.

President Moon said, "Patriotism is expanding into action for the community." The late Yoon Han-deok, director of the Central Emergency Medical Center, who died from overwork while caring for emergency patients, and the late Choi Jong-min, who was the first to be buried at the cemetery for a doctor, died while rescuing the victims at the scene of a high-speed highway collision. Referring to the late Lee Gung-yeol and others, he emphasized that he was “a patriot of our time.”

President Moon said, "I apologize to the people for the abuse of the barracks culture," such as the recent incident of inadequate military feeding and the death of an Air Force non-commissioned officer.

This is the fifth time President Moon has attended the Memorial Day commemoration ceremony since he took office, and he has attended each year during his term.

Today's memorial service was held for the first time on Memorial Day by connecting the Seoul National Cemetery, Daejeon National Cemetery, and Busan UN Memorial Park via video.