On the 5th, Minister of Defense Kishi visited a large-scale vaccine inoculation center in Osaka, where a state of emergency continues.

The large-scale inoculation centers in Tokyo and Osaka, which were established late last month, are operated by the Self-Defense Forces, and by the 3rd, about 128,000 elderly people have been inoculated.

On the 5th, Minister of Defense Kishi visited the venue in Osaka, heard an explanation about the series of steps leading up to the inoculation, and aimed at the SDF personnel and private-sector staff who were in charge of the work as the state of emergency continued.

The inoculation at the Osaka venue is currently targeted at elderly people in Osaka Prefecture, and from the 7th of next week, it will be spread to 2 prefectures and 1 prefecture including Kyoto and Hyogo.

After the inspection, Minister Kishi said, "We were able to confirm that the SDF's organizational strength was fully demonstrated and that the inoculation was proceeding smoothly. We will continue to safely and efficiently inoculate as many people as possible as soon as possible. I want to do my best. "

He also expressed his intention to support local governments to accelerate vaccination, such as accepting visits to local governments that set up large-scale vaccination venues.