It is undoubtedly the most famous of all French cookies: the Petit Beurre de LU has been a delight for young and old alike since 1886. It all began in 1846. Jean-Romain Lefèvre and his wife Pauline-Isabelle Utile took over the Biscuit Factory in Nantes, which 'they baptize with their two initials: LU. It was Louis, their third son, who, in 1886, gave birth to the famous Petit Beurre. Its shape is not due to chance: in a doily decoration, there are four corners for the four seasons, 24 points for the 24 hours of the day and 52 teeth for the 52 weeks. The success is dazzling but Louis forgot to protect him, which makes that many copies surge. The great genius of Louis Lefèvre-Utile is the marketing that he will use to explode his brand. The recipe has not changed: flour, butter, sugar, pinch of salt.What makes them unique are the mussels and the baking.

The butter cake recipe


  • 1 packet of small butter

  • 1 large coffee

  • 100 g of soft butter

  • 75 g sugar

  • 1 egg

  • chocolate sprinkles



Mix the sugar and the egg then mix with the soft butter


Incorporate everything well


Dip the small butters in the coffee and assemble the cake like a mille-feuille, alternating layers of biscuit and buttercream and ending with cream.


Sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles


Leave to set for two hours in the fridge.