, May 31. According to the US "World Journal" report, Ms. Li, a Chinese resident in Glendora, Los Angeles County, Southern California, recently experienced a suicidal crash into her glass window by a wild bird while having breakfast at home. Scene.

  On that day, the big bird dived from a long distance and violently hit the glass window, smashing the half-high glass window of her house, and the big bird passed through the glass and was killed on the spot.

It was breakfast time at the time of the incident. Fortunately, her family went out early that day. Ms. Li sat far away from the window and was not hit by the glass splashed over the house, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

  Ms. Li put the panic scene on her circle of friends, which immediately attracted everyone's attention. In addition to rejoicing that no one was injured, everyone also paid attention to what caused the bird to hit the glass window, how to avoid it, and whether the insurance should be paid.

  A senior insurance broker said that animals caused property damage and personal injury. Although the animal "creditor" cannot be pursued, the insurance company usually compensates as long as the homeowner has home insurance.

For example, animals hit glass windows, wild animals hit cars, mice bite the wires of cars, high winds knocked down trees and damaged cars, neighbors’ tiles were blown by the wind and smashed their roofs, etc. Insurance companies would provide compensation.

However, this kind of compensation usually has a certain deductible, that is, after deducting the housing insurance deductible, the insurance company will compensate the parties for the difference.

The insurance company will give a one-time claim after deducting the deductible for damage to the glass and nearby damaged furniture and cleaning expenses caused by Big Bird.

  The insurance broker said that the deductible for ordinary residential houses usually ranges from US$1,000 to US$2500, and the deductible for luxury houses above 5,000 square feet is usually higher.

Some homeowners purchase Umbrella Insurance, but the loss caused by animals cannot be compensated by Umbrella Insurance.

  If the big bird breaks through the glass and causes injuries to people in the house, does the insurance cover?

The insurance broker said that it depends on the person who is injured, whether it is the owner or the guest. This is like if you have damaged your car. Car insurance will not compensate you. If you fall at home, the insurance will not compensate.

However, if a friend encounters an accidental physical injury when visiting the home, including an accidental injury caused by an animal, the medical insurance in the owner's house insurance can be activated and a claim will be made.

  Insurance brokers stated that for insurance claims caused by local natural disasters such as fire, wind, insects, and bird disasters, insurance companies generally do not increase policy premiums because they are not caused by the inadvertent actions of the parties.

  Many Chinese people in the San Gabriel Valley said that birds hit the glass frequently in their homes, but almost never saw a bird hitting the glass and killing itself at the same time. Many people think it is because the glass windows are too clean. The illusion caused by the big bird leads to tragedy. (Yang Qing)