• Nicolas Florian, candidate for the regional elections of the right and the center, defends a regional pact on security.

  • The former mayor of Bordeaux is proposing both actions on high schools and TERs that fall under regional competences but also financial support for cities on the equipment of their police, for example, under the right to experimentation with the Region (since security is not one of its competences).

  • Video protection, which could be allocated a budget of around 100 million euros, is presented as a central tool of this pact.

The candidate of the right and the center in the regional elections of June 20 and 27 Nicolas Florian, presents his detailed plan for security.

The former mayor of Bordeaux wished to take up this subject which is not part of the region's direct competences under the right to experimentation at its disposal.

Nicolas Florian explains it to

20 Minutes

and also sets out the actions he wishes to carry out in the field of security in the areas of competence specific to the regional institution.

You defend a pact of security and prevention of delinquency.

What are the main measures concerning high schools and TER, directly within the competence of the Region?

In high schools, I suggest that we equip all our establishments with video protection and transport, that we install cameras in all TER trains, I will also work with the SNCF to help equip stations.

We will finance a large center to view the images from these cameras, to which the State will have access.

This is what I did when I was mayor of Bordeaux with the urban video protection center.

The prefecture could connect to it live while the law provides that the police services must request authorization to view images of communities.

There, I will give them direct access.

Why did you identify high schools as places to watch?

Often, it revolves around drug trafficking and the surroundings of certain high schools are areas at risk for young people.

With these cameras, we want to secure, do prevention and allow the police to investigate.

The Region is not responsible for teaching in high schools, which is the responsibility of National Education.

I will propose a plan, outside or during school time, with pedagogy around respect for others.

Human life has a price and when I see 15-year-olds stabbing 16-year-olds, I tell myself that there is a problem in this society.

It is known that video surveillance cameras can be easily degraded and rendered out of service.

How do you plan to deploy them effectively?

I lived it in Bordeaux and indeed, on the first wave of installations, there was perhaps a lack of consistency and a maintenance problem. Now everyone has realized that it is a useful and even necessary tool. It is necessary to identify all the risk zones so that there are no holes in the racket. I had made the observation, with what was happening on the outskirts of the yellow vests (the evening abuses and the thugs) that we had blind areas and that there was a lack of continuity in our video network. I had made a plan of nearly three million euros to remedy it.

I think it is also a matter of political will.

I often cite the example of the broken window.

When Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York, he explained that in the subway, we changed a broken window during the day.

You have to do the same with the cameras and repair them very quickly.

What envelope have you considered for this video protection plan?

In Auvergne-Rhônes Alpes, President Laurent Wauquiez has put around 100 million euros on the mandate.

There are not yet stabilized figures and it is necessary to identify the high schools and the trains, but there is no reason that we are very far from that [as a reminder, the budget of the Region is 3, 2 billion].

And outside the field of regional competences, how do you plan to act?

The Region will provide financial assistance to all cities that wish to equip their municipal police, from rolling stock to lethal weapons.

I will also look to what extent we can set up a transport police, in agreement with the State and the SNCF.

The State is not doing enough, the communities are a little overwhelmed and the Region has the means to help financially.

Not a day goes by when I am not alerted to safety issues, whether in urban or rural areas.

It is not a feeling of insecurity, people experience it on a daily basis.

I make it a priority because I believe that the role of a politician is to protect people.


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