For the allegations against Hans-Georg Maaßen, which Luisa Neubauer initially raised without any evidence, that he was disseminating “anti-Semitic content”, essentially a single article was submitted.

In it, Maaßen and a co-author use the word "globalists" and spread a world conspiracy theory that makes one despair that Maaßen could ever become President of the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

The highest constitutional protector of Thuringia now also refers to this one text in order to be able to recognize "nothing exonerating" against the serious accusation of anti-Semitism.

So it won't help Maassen if he now carefully distances himself from the scene that has got him into a fairway in which anti-Semitic stereotypes are regarded as particularly original criticism of the time.

He is suspending his membership in the Values ​​Union.

The purpose of democratic parties: integration

The Union and Armin Laschet will not get rid of this issue so easily.

It is true that the environment of the Greens and the Left Party is teeming with radicals and (former) extremists (they could and can even become party leaders), but that does not prevent them and the SPD from standing guard in front of the CDU.

What incompatibility means is judged more mercilessly to the right than to the left. The success or failure of the delimitation is not determined by severity, but the quality of the reasoning. In doing so, democratic parties should not lose sight of their purpose: integration.