Chinese technology giant Huawei's cybersecurity director Mika Lauhde is concerned about Finnish working life.

In an interview with Kauppalehti, he presents a drastic change.

- If we moved to a seven-day work week right now, we could close the gap between America and China, Lauhde tells the newspaper.

He says Huawei employees work an 80-hour work week on a ten-day summer vacation in both Shenzhen and Silicon Valley.

Lauhde himself follows the same work culture.

“I work more than 80 hours a week all the time, and I haven’t had a summer vacation for four years,” he says in an interview.

There is also a reason for a long working week. In Silicon Valley, for example, both housing and day care cost a lot. In China, on the other hand, competition for jobs is so fierce that workers are willing to work round days.