"Despicable" remarks, indicates the office of the National Rally in Gironde.

A candidate of the National Rally in the departmental elections as well as in the regional elections in New Aquitaine, was suspended from her party for making anti-Semitic remarks, RN Gironde said in a press release on Friday.

Do not Ms. Diaz and Mr. De Fournas have problems investing, activating and making a joint list with candidates with racist and anti-Semitic remarks?

Here a Bordeaux candidate for regional and departmental whose Facebook wall has not yet been completely cleaned.


- Matthieu Rouveyre (@mattrouveyre) June 3, 2021

"After having taken note of the ignoble remarks made by Mrs. Marta Le Nair, candidate for the Bordeaux 5 canton", the RN Gironde office "decided, in agreement with the national management, to withdraw its support for this candidate and to suspend her from the National Gathering, ”the statement read.

The RN "reiterates its strongest condemnation of anti-Semitism which has no place in its ranks," the statement added.

Other cases in Creuse and Corrèze

The comments posted on the candidate's Facebook account were reported Thursday on Twitter by Matthieu Rouveyre, campaign director of Jean-Luc Gleyze, PS president of the department.

They date from 2015 and 2020.

Thursday, Geneviève Veslin, RN candidate in the departmental elections in the canton of Ahun in the Creuse, was also seen withdrawing her nomination by the party after making racist and anti-Semitic comments on social networks.

Last Tuesday, it was in Corrèze that an RN nomination had been withdrawn from a candidate for the departmental, Danièle Delavaud, for racist remarks.


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