Sometimes Wiebke Winter receives photos of his penis.

The 25-year-old young politician from Bremen sits on the federal board of the CDU.

One commentator wanted to reopen the Auschwitz gas chambers, just for them.

A man tried to rape her until she died.

Justus Bender

Editor in politics of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

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    Morten Freidel

    Editor in politics of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung

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      Another wrote: “Nobody will ever love you. You are so disgusting. I hate you with all my heart. You should be locked up and starved to death together with Hitler, Stalin, Mortler ”, this list meant, curiously, Marlene Mortler, the former drug commissioner of the federal government. “Men don't get it like that,” says Winter. If she tells politicians friends about the contents of her mailbox, they often say: "Are you serious?" Or: "Wow, it wasn't that blatant for me."

      Dorothee Bär from the CSU had a real aha experience.

      She was sitting in the parliamentary society, and some men from the Union faction talked in a conversational tone about how much hatred they had just earned for a law, angry e-mails, phone calls, things like that.

      As the federal government's digital commissioner, Bär knew this from her own mailbox, with only one difference.

      She asked the men if they also received constant sexual abuse.

      She gave explicit examples that she does not want to repeat in public.

      The MPs were shocked.

      My male colleagues tell me that this has "yet another dimension that leaves you speechless and stunned".

      "I live in a completely different reality"

      Once the members of the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag were asked whether they were still in favor of their private addresses being on the ballot papers. The vice-president of the state parliament, Aminata Touré, stood by and heard how many of her male colleagues said that they had no problem with that, they wanted to be close to the people. “I thought, okay, this may be your reality. I would also like to show my closeness to the citizen by disclosing my address, but I live in a completely different reality. ”Touré is black, young and green. She knows many forms of hatred.

      Bär can still remember her first death threat, that was in 2002, she was just new in the Bundestag.

      Someone from the constituency had written her a long, old-fashioned letter saying how he was going to kill her.

      Today such letters come more often and over the Internet, sometimes even while Bär is still giving a speech.

      "The hatred and willingness to use violence against women politicians have increased significantly over the years," she says.

      Help for people who are threatened on the internet

      At HateAid they have experience with it.

      HateAid helps people who are threatened online.

      Anyone who receives hate messages is advised, and in bad cases there is legal aid.

      Sixty percent women and forty percent men come to the consultation.

      Among the worst cases that end up in court, the proportion of women rises to 73 percent.

      The chief lawyer of HateAid, Josephine Ballon, says: "This confirms very strongly our feeling that what women receive is much more often justiciable."

      Two years ago, the BBC, together with a think tank, analyzed the sites of European women politicians in social networks and came to the conclusion that women in politics are more affected by hate speech than men.

      However, the BBC did not provide any figures.